Journey of Silence Christian Ministry

Journey of Silence Christian Ministry

“A Leaf is Strong because it floats in God’s Water. It can go anywhere…”

Consider Wide

*Consider... We Have Focus. Are we narrow? Are we wide? When it is so what are we missing? Ask a question of many, 'Can the angry man see around  the redness within his own eyes?" Or another, "Can a man falling through the sky narrow upon a way to escape?" What is it that locks them up? Constantly, the higher powers must shake us into daylight. Those same that consider both wide and strong walk us children by the hand back into our rooms of peace.  We are curved right back into line... into ethereal position. Let the world say, "It was confusion..." Let it say, "I wasn't thinkin' straight." Or, "I don't know what took me over..."  Because we know that in the land of the living soul we must constantly reach our arms up through the haze for the Hand of Light. Our hearts are a highway full of passing big rigs and semi-trailers.  These are the powers at work that seep us away...  the ones that drive us to cruel and ignorant courses. We know them by others names.  Yet in order to be set free we must all consider... more  W-I-D-E-L-Y... and then just Let the True Rain fall... In Truth, let the Just Rain fall... 


*Consider... We Are Overthrown By Moments... and loose attention quickly. Then off we slide; our eyes darting away, our ears turning to another source. We become to each other a crowd of moving mouths and waving hands...  Who is there to do what's right then... when the real pressure thickens? Will there be a soul left to consider widely and strongly? Will not one of us be left that can stand in balance on an ever-tilting stage? A whole generation is losing its ties to the Rock Above... And now rocks wildly upon the currents of underground oceans... 


*Consider... We remember or understand only in part, but we believe that we should remember and understand all things. Have we considered that, for our own good, we must not keep or grasp all earthly things? Yet the dark armies of conformity still march upon us. Past the point of derision we are cleverly driven into the social grooves of understanding already in place... Heavy is their judgment on our hearts and minds if we do not yield... Ask aloud... Where Is this crowded path leading? Is it the right one? Consider... how the flower opens wide from one point in the center... Consider... how many unique types of them there are.  Are we not all singularly excellent? Should we not  then break off our fellowship with worldy learning... and reconsider w-i-d-e-l-y...


*Consider... We drive our bodies to frustration.  A single perception from many memories that tries to carve us into an idealized form.  Consider... who can say we are not shifting clay thrown in the midst of wrongful potters that constantly desire only to be held in True Hands... hands to bring forth the True form that matches us with us. Match us right True Potter. You know our souls and will shape us well... Help us narrow upon what is real... and then consider w-i-d-e-ly...


*Consider... We backstroke through the perceptual cities of spiritual salesmen... living every day to reach the off-roads of each minute where we can rest in bites of sunlight and love...  squirming along the week  just to barefoot lay-back in a wide open weekend.   We don't want our tongues to shape the air around even another word, not when waving our hand or turning our head half-way will say just the same. We don't consider widely, so now we must narrow our time and unwind out of sight...


*Consider... A shovel full of the wrong interests; a spoonful of sharp words. Too many eye-fulls of mixed-up emotions.  Both ears too open to hold the hot anger away.  We have been crushed down and  lowered down deeper... Yet Not Destroyed... The Great Might of God IS both wider and deeper than All. He will consider wider for us when we are too weak. And  He will narrow our foes upon the edge of His Sword of Truth when we are confounded... God will ransom us past them all,  into His Clearing Healing Light... Then our eyes will be open wide  to consider... 


*Consider... Me... Consider... You.... Around the invisible land of streaking colors of conversation and expression we go.  Letting our souls' interest and heart promptings lead us on... What a miracle of being. Fluidly made by the Lord of all Things... Jesus... Master of man, King of Creation! Consider the landscape of Real constructed by the brilliance of the Divine Wonder Mind.  Yes, now we are too narrow, but someday we will consider better... And in that moment the Glory Rays will speed us wide past the point of All reckoning... In the stretching deep of that moment; beheld by our God from within and without... We will know the innocent truth of What Is I...



“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

'Consider Wide' was written by Journey of Silence Writing. It is free to share. If you appreciate this work you can find more at:



Yup, He Is Real.

You can be certain... That our open eyes are not full. That our open ears are not hearing all. And that our feeling souls are not holy attuned. But they can be... You can be certain...


You can be certain... That Truth grows more convicting the more you live it... That God's Presence and Glory will grow into your life like living roots into a sunken hollow tree... bringing you into new waters from dryness... restoring what was forgotten. Then you will taste and remember; drink and be remembered; feel and be full...


You can be certain... That All ways belong to God because He contains them, balancing them on the top of His fingertips, spinning HIS Holy Science, fathomed by None, kept Only by Him, and He Himself, and He Himself...You can be certain... God's taking His time just unraveling, unraveling all Untruth back to His majestic perfect Way... Retying all broken things to fit His already planned and written order. You can be certain... It Is Done...


Believing is seeing... You know things look the same to you, and you're tired of it. But they can change. Don't you know that ALL LIFE is a vision of the Most Grand? Now then, can't you imagine seeing just a little brighter? God sees you Fully. Expose yourself to His picture. Mingle your eyes with the Maker's stars. Believe it, watch for it, and you'll see...


Believing is seeing... We are more a part of things that we realize, but we only sense what we are allowed to see. Yet no darkness will cover God's light, or subdue His glory on earth forever.  Worthy men and women Believe... and He who's hand is on the veil-top will lift it. He will lift it for All of you to see...


Believing is seeing... Someday the dark gate will be blown apart, blown wide apart and open. And then behold, when the full weight of time has come, God's Heavy Presence will shatter even the stones.  Believe it, you will see them scatter... At His step death and fear will be thrashed and thrown back like a meteoric tide... You won't ever see them again... They will be gone... Believe it... You will see...

Peeling back the curtain... At first we change; rising to the living surface of life. We are pulled up thousands of Soular miles through the deep of the earth, past the jagged stones of old, away from the heat of gripping pains, around the enslaving roots of tormenting bonds. Then God's Spirit breathes life INTO US again. He pierces the center of our eyes with golden ropes of saving grace that stretch our hearts to healing and seal our souls to shining. Then the silver begins to glow through the curtain as it draws aside... as it draws aside and away...


Peeling back the curtain... Counterweight. All forces in our lives hang in a balance of power; but they will each be dealt with. God will measure and overcome every one with His surpassing hand. Just watch the manifold brilliance of His grace shining down... Watch the invisible blind-spots in your hearts melt and disappear; rejoice in the new realities forming and piling high within your souls... Life will be raw and strong again... as the curtain continues to peel away... 


Peeling back the curtain... Christ will test every power against Himself within us; His perfect strength and divine intelligence conquering All until none remain... until none remain... And then the curtain Will Fall... it will fall away... When we are consumed beyond the reach of darkness and into the Holy horizon's light... The Son of Man IS rising in men... Rising up and tearing back the curtain unto yet another crucified victory... He's more real than world world... Jesus is More real... And He lives within us... Hallelujah and Amen...



“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

'Yup, He is Real' was written by Journey of Silence Writing. It is free to share. If you appreciate this work you can find more at:





The Profusion of Many


Diet Herbs, super foods and pills there are aplenty, but how much are they doing? How long lasting are the effects? I mean, so we get a little boost, and a little pride about munching down something 'cutting edge' or exotic, but that is just physical right? Or is it? 

Are we just coping to feel better and being handed shallow replacements instead of true health? We have so many 'advancements' in America, but we are all still suffering. Could it be that we have lost the understanding of what strength really is? Or is it that the strength and health that we feel is really just 'a mirror shadow that flees before its own destruction'? Go on, keep reading.

So what are THE BIGS? The feel goods of our day that we prize? In shape, healthy, and stylish. If we ever manage more than that there are dozens of other standards just waiting to be met. But who sets up this network of struggle and striving, who meets this drug called life with its shallow but enduring  rewards? How is it that we just don't roll out of bed and say, "What the BLANK am I doing?" Oh that's right, it happens all at once when we are about fifty where the rationalizations and therapy are already setup for us to keep on chugging along. Have you ever seen a mannequin walk? How about millions of them? Wow... that's amazing! No, it is The Profusion of Many... 


Profusion is defined as an abundance or large quantity of something; and We-Are The Many. Even though we are all spiritual mixed breeds we are for the most part drinking from the wrong 'water supply'. Our fuel is the wrong octane so our motors only run on the left side of the road, and not the RIGHT. What happens when we try to do otherwise? We get tired and we get bored (and fast), we get indifferent and we even complain! Shhh... Listen... we even get angry. Who would figure such things could happen! This is the power of wrong profusion. (I'm talking about the false power to live life here) It only works within its own system that is designed to run at full speed until there is no time left for anything else. Pointless is its main endeavor, and absurdity, control, and waste are its rules. Sounds kind of like 'The Matrix' doesn't it? Hmm.. that was a really popular diversion that millions sort of understood...


So then, what is the real strength of life? How can we see behind an invisible blindness when we are the story that is on auto-play? When we are even fooled into thinking that it is all us and that is just okey-dokey? Simply put. IT IS TOUGH. And it is tough because the good profusion fights the bad. It is a struggle as big and bigger than our planet and as small and smaller than our own bodies. It is deeper and deeper than an atom and more expansive than only some of the stars in the sky. I'm sure that many of us would gladly say, "I want to change my battery Mr. Bunny! I'm not satisfied with barely finishing coach; getting done alright boss; and making it through with some pieces missing teacher!" Or to say this another couple ways, "What's wrong with my heart in there?" Many of us think many times. Or, "How come I didn't feel young even when I was young?" SHORT ANSWER. We need to 'Up Our Game to God Size!' What does that mean?! It means we have to run under His Power, not another source. We need to retranslate our lives to the Spiritual Language of Heaven.


Ok then. I've felt bits and pieces of this good. I've felt part of being whole in church, inside a loved one's arms, and I know there is more for me. I know, that God is sending me hidden secret messages through my 'Living Matrix'. "Alright." says Wisdom. "I'm clapping my hands and getting ready to come down to play!" And it is real! And it is close! And we all should up and take it! Oh simple Jesus, He is God in Man, and He is Real! That's right... We need a new profusion world, and Christ's path is it! So don't go driving in any other living car that doesn't have a fish on the bumper of its heart! Bamm, I said it... :)


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

'The Profusion of Many' was written by Journey of Silence Writing. It is free to share. If you appreciate this work you can find more at:

The Brightness of Being: On Confusion


To Name the Nameless


Visibly we act out our day, planning, watching our basic desires, and resolving the best we are able the multitude of moments that confront us. However, we have both clarity and dullness, speed and heaviness in the reality in which we reside. How does it all fit together? Who is our safe-haven and guide when we really need an answer or the elevation of our mood? Are we familiar with the polarity of our thoughts, with the opposition and aid of our spiritual lives? Justice within begins with the insight of awareness. Then from measured learning we rise to a new peace.


Would you be offended to learn that many of our beliefs are strongholds only? That we ourselves are a battlefield in which the territory gained or lost is thought itself? In particular certain kinds of thoughts, frontiers of truth that to know just a little about would make a silent enemy howl with pain or give God Great Glory? You might say, “Well I thought that the defeat of darkness was about swords, armor, and majestic warriors riding horses.” To that I would reply, “Yes, but are not the forces unseen and silent in this day and we the central battle pieces? Is not the world in turmoil and every inner life a struggle?” Right! Then our war must first be won within, and then move onto the social stage. And that is exactly what is happening in the world...


Confusion is a two edged sword and we must know which side swings us up and which side cuts us down. Believe it, not understanding is a habit broken constantly by higher power. However, forcing into the struggle-point only entangles us further and, similarly, stepping back from realization is not a victory because truth is not reached. These turning points of our inner world have profound consequences in life because they are the starting points of action. To be given the gift of knowing thyself is to break past the powers of limitation.



There are many ways we are held away from true perception, and false fear and rigidity are the sergeants that bind our stubborn hearts into the patterns of rigid singularity. Sadly enough, they sit and wait for Truth and then show their armor; selfishly turning us, and others away from needed change. This is a game of perception. This is our constant dealing. Disturbance and distraction also work together as two mischievous brothers that pull, replace, entice, and bombard eager seekers of change away from clarity, capturing insight, good action, and wholeness. Can we put a face on the enemy of our spiritual war that confronts every one of us? No, the perceptual barons are too many and too strong, without help that is, to even realize, much less surmise and overthrow. However, the King of Light, God Himself watches all... So, let us be thankful that our minds at least are not allowed total debriefing.


What is important then is the victory that lies on our path of transformation; the one that is immediately reachable through spiritual revelation, if our ears be open and our souls willing. Through our deepening maturity we will reach further, gaining greater territory back from what has been stolen, breaking through and picking the locks of the piles of chains placed upon us. Christ gives the deposits of strength, and His Spirit leads us through the spiritual wilds, until we consciously follow the moving of God's ordering Hand. In His perfect patience He works with us to remove all obstacles that catch and activate against good; the very same things that flood against the composure of our souls from the people around us. We think ahead and ask, 'Oh how good can perfect Heavenly being be...?' Someday the ocean of spiritual propaganda in which we daily reside will lose its force of current and recede to the infilling of pure waters; and our souls will be gratified. It is our Lord's will that we strive to be holy in trade for our redemptive mission. It is each Christian's duty of service. 


All together, the inhibiting forces of our enemies, both ambiguous and openly venomous, can be named as confusion; a word itself rarely described. 


But for the Hand of God


In the battle for our hearts and souls reside two sides. So let us not forget the Hand of God; seen or unseen, felt or unknown, that both saves and guides. Yet for every attack and cause there is a move of the King that allows or stops. Be thankful for the turning away, the spark of memory, the flash of caution, the sudden forgetfulness, and the slowing of interest from above that solidifies our walk each day.  Yes, it is knowing which is which that is so precious. But still, what is not seen by us IS by He who is mostly unknown to us... The spiritual is the Lord's domain. He who both made Pharoah obstinate and granted courage to David. Let us not forget our high protector, the One who sits on the guardian throne of every saved human heart; a guide to the old and the young alike. 


Some of these things are normal in growth, but others are adversarial. Not understanding is natural, but confusion is not. There is a feeling on the true edge of growth; a shoreline of the soul where we can step into new waters. This is a place that we are moved into, compelled to face, even over and over until we step into the learning we need. Each situation in the world is our classroom and God our teacher who leads us into every lesson. Truth needs not to be relearned. It is a strong warrior that resides in our hearts and souls, adding and growing as we are continually made ready for the next challenge. Together with testing and trials to claim our spiritual position we grow; and remain on the true edge of learning. Wisdom is received, favor is granted, and our usefulness increases day by day.


The Cloud of Confusion


Bad confusion is a clouding force against truth; a barrage of mixed up feeling that enters the places of our hearts and minds to match-block our efforts to grasp understanding and act. The first steps to being captured by confusion are surrounding our thoughts; our resistance being of small value, and our aggressive fighting only binding us further. We need a Savior to stop the confounding spiritual attack that comes through impulse and memory; from within, and especially from without. Countless contradictory tactics; when alone, hidden in the expressions of others, expertly timed and couched in words; turn us away from God's leading, inhibiting true action. Perhaps the most powerful weapon against us is our own memories; ready made, already formed experience; a library of distraction brought up just to pull us down. This is a clever and relentless war of shifting battle lines, constant upheaval, throwing back, entrenching, and occupancy. The blaring of emotional trumpets of victory and the feeling of loss of thought, the smoke of our inner defeat, are spiritual reals from childhood to old age. We are the turning points in the battle for souls, for without our own strength we cannot strengthen others. Therefore, we must be settled and steady in the world. We must realize why truth is one of the most difficult things to realize, and then overcome...


But there are many ways to win in a battle with multiple fronts and duplicitous attacks. We are complicated creatures yes, but we react in common ways. One way that we respond to the struggle to understand is by forcing. Have you even gotten a headache from thinking, or even just listening? There are two reasons for this; resisting and forcing. The effort of our souls to reach clarity of understanding, or the struggle to block unwanted learning can overwhelm our bodies and tax our spiritual strength. However, what is most important is not to resist when God is trying to teach us. One important guide is to understand that no truth is realized from God by forcing understanding, for forcing is the socialization of thought away from God; a spiritual habit that compresses hearts and disorders minds. This is an awful feeling; much like carrying unclean baggage. Forcing our way to understanding builds a structure, a wall, that divides us from truth so that truth becomes more difficult to perceive and feel. It also results in a struggle when forced thoughts are challenged. The resulting disorientation that our worn out hearts have suffused can ensnare us for years afterward. However, we have much to be thankful for because God is a gentle teacher, and His Spirit a precise navigator.



The Victory over Sin


The victory over sin can only be won by allying with the powers of good already present in our lives. For that to happen we need to be granted the course to follow God’s plan by pursuing His ways and following them in obedience. It is He that grants the spiritual victories that together allow us to move forward. We are not granted the total freedom that comes from living in Christ without investing what we are in His purpose. At first, the road narrows as we learn to follow His path, our steps becoming sure. And then when we can stand in His Way He opens a new world in which the greater revelations of spiritual truth manifest. As the Hand of Truth reveals the deep in us, the whole world takes on new depth. This peels back the illusions that confusion has so cleverly guarded. However, our awareness comes with the price of struggle, because the shadows that have for so long kept us in darkness, the foes that are now frightened at our escape and new strength, begin to gather themselves up and mount an attack to return us to ignorance. We must play this war until it is secondhand skill; battling each moment! Every victory becomes a clearing, a spiritual quickening; every loss an occlusion, a spiritual darkening. Let us be thankful that our master is the King of it all, the source and granter of Light able to overturn every wicked dominion and rescue even the most deep-set forsaken.


But what do we know? How to wait for ideas, to follow lines of thinking, and to retry when there is difficulty? We are all too familiar with 'being stumped', with flat out 'not getting it', and with confused. Yet these things are for most of us creatures origins unknown... Humanity deals with accumulated knowledge, pushing through to understand, and with studying. We think not of what lies beneath or outside our veil of senses much because these things are just commonalities to us. They are somehow too basic, or too close for our inner eyes to narrow upon. But we must awaken...


The Knowledge for Victory over Confusion is Beyond Us


However, there is 'The God Factor'. When we become acquainted with His Son, His Spirit, and His Holy Word we quickly realize that God really is the King of Reality. And He is waiting in every place that we don't know about to break light upon the darkness; with perfect keen power. He has a master way already prepared for our escape, the reclaiming of life through one monumental death. The shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ has paid in advance for this shattering freedom. He has even made it simple. All that we need do is accept Christ's sacrificial death and believe that His resurrection is true... Then we can all walk together into the breaking of greater dawns each and every morning.


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12


'The Brightness of Being: On Confusion' was written by Journey of Silence Writing. It is free to share. If you appreciate this work you can find more at:


35 Visions of Heaven

"35 Visions of Heaven with Interpretations Revealed".  Go to the main website at: or hit the SITE button at the top of this page.



We turn inside... There is a seriousness where our eyes meet the choices of our spiritual real. It is there, in the seen dynamic of being where our souls are quenched or fired... this is our Firepoint!


“It's Sunday? Church is today?” Dismal Boredom attacks me from the dark... I step to get ready and my eyes swing to the television where a memory appears of adventure and excitement. “Do you see?” My conscience reminds me of the danger, but a cloud of confusion stops my understanding with its repulsive tie. I turn to sit, dreamily forgetting to go... My soul cries and cringes... Rising up it sighs and then closes its eyes... As I sit down...

Firepoint... I lose... I'm taken...

“But I swing back and forth from day to day... when grace hides me... When angels help me; and I remember the cross which hangs about my neck. I still feel open until it closes me, and I forget the presence which pulls me down. Fear seizes me constantly for half hidden reasons... Home work is words on paper, NOT an eight foot tall barbarian. Teachers smile and tutor, THEY DON'T point with sharp fingernails and scratch chalk to deafen us. Parents love, they provide; THEY DON'T scorn and accuse... FIREPOINT! I turn away from the good that seems bad... or is it the other way around? Am I learning confusion or am I confused? GLORY FIRE! I study; but I know, I know anyway! A victory to be repeated...”

It is almost the weekend...

Friday night! Is it an escape or another trap! DELIVER ME HOLY SPIRIT! I choose wrong and go to the beer party. I'M TAKEN! My soul sinks but I feel the longing within when a cloud of cigarette smoke hits my face. So I drink and smoke to deafen myself and to liven my darker half... The half I think is good because it feels exciting. ANGELS HELP ME! FIREPOINT! No more,Yes more. No more, Yes more... Until I can't remember... FIREPOINT! I don't walk away, I turn back for more at the door! TAKEN! You lose! ANGELS HELP ME! Somehow... I make it home... I don't remember walking back...

I am home for the summer...

And it's the same old story... Where is life leading when everyday is the same difference. Boredom pushes me down as I lay in bed looking up at the cross on my wall. FIREPOINT! I keep looking and know that God has a plan for me. GLORY FIRE! I don't turn my eyes away before I understand. My soul knows this is real. It's happened before and I want to make a change, so I start to think why and how... But then I know it is not now and that all I need to do is be ready! But I can't stand waiting for life forever! FIREPOINT! I start reading anything that's different; anything that feels more. RESIST O MY SOUL! I listen to wild music, angry music to force a change in me. I push past a wall that protects me until they let go! Oh no! ANGELS HELP ME! And I sink into eastern philosophy; beginning a transformation that scares me... FIREPOINT! I stop practicing meditation... GLORY FIRE! But then I return. At least the emptiness is more than nothing. TAKEN! Now I feel my own betrayal. I've left my faith for less, not more! HOLY GOD SAVE ME! I can't stop and its not me!

This is not my journey...

I cry out for deliverance, but I'm TAKEN! I stare at the same things in strange ways, with new thoughts that draw me down to where I've never been and don't know about. My eyes glance by the Bible on the shelf as I light the incense and open myself to forces that compel me gently. HOLY GOD SAVE ME! FIREPOINT! Nothing happens again, and again in the grace that keeps me from harm. But I keep seeking, then... FIREPOINT! I am tempted with strength, with uniqueness, with a path that draws others into its grasp...! STOP ENEMY OF MY SOUL! Finally, I look up at the CROSS and understand! What a Savior is for! GLORY FIRE! The angels cry and rejoice... Hugging me with arms unfelt! I am reclaimed for good! Ah... Jesus thank you! After years I... HAVE... RETURNED!



“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Come Back!

                                        "I've been waiting..." Our Father says, "Come Back!"


--Ooooh... the wind is blowing... My head turns into the clouds as lightning strikes my eyes... "Come Back!"

--"Don't turn your head..." The motorcycle driver grins into my face as I'm gripping the bars at a hundred miles an hour...!  "Yes you can! Turn and Come Back!"

--The speakers are banging in my ears and the guitar's rattling my teeth... "I'm still next to nowhere!" "Come back Son... Come back Daughter..."

--"Alone... alone... Hello? Even the words are too much... I can only hear my breathing and I see only the floor." "Come back heart... Look up soul!"

--"The black water's raging... All of the water is out of reach... My tongue is dry... What am I doing out here... Here is where?"  "Come back now... I'm here..."

--"I can move, but only so far... My shoes don't walk anymore... My eyes are open, but not wide... Who is I... Who is I?" "Come back! I know you... You are!"

--"Lend me your... hand is slipping!" My grip is shaking and my clothes are rags... The streets, are all dirty... "Come down son... Daughter I will pick you up!"

--"Father and son? My world is spinning! There's not even hate on the low side of lonely!" "Come back! I'll reach in for you!"

--"Close the door! The paveway street is breaking through... Shut the stuck window... There's people staring in..." I'm even afraid of fear... "Come back stranger... I know your real."

--"This place is Not home... no. And all the nights have put me to sleep...  Something else drives me now... What will I be when..? Who will even know me then?" "Come Back! I will find you."

--"The pain is live... What's fighting? I'm not beaten, but it is beating... How do I beat it back?" This bed is so, so old... It is two old... "Come back! I will heal you!"

--"Why do I like high? Dangerous needs to be mine... Do I want to break or am I all broken?" Just a little balance tips me over life...  "Come Back Fallen. I'll  raise you higher."

--"My hope depends on men... But every one drains me to the world..." "I'm seeing life flow out of my very eyes, and then unseen tears follow... What is the wrong with people?" "Come Back Seeker! Return!"

--"I sigh... I wait and only empty finds me..." My still heart is beating.. "My enemy never leaves me... Christ! Explode this silent nothing Lord!" "Your are nearer now beloved... Come closer!"


Our Father says, " I will receive you... I know the you that's longing! Ever will I say, Come Back!

...until, until it is time...


  “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12




Like Glass


We have heard that the teacher must become less than the student. Christ said, 'Love others as yourself.' He also demonstrated his love on the cross and by washing the feet of his own disciples. He was the master of servants; the king of subjects, and the subject of kings. He was made less than the world; mocked and beaten, and through this he has remade the world that has made more over him than anyone else ever since... And he wants US to follow His example because it is the most effective way to change. How are we to do this... We must become... Like glass.


Glass is made from an uncountable number of grains of sand. It is heated and formed into plates so that we may see through it.


Glass can be shattered by mistake or accident, but remains whole when it is regarded with care. It must be kept clean or it becomes clouded.


Glass allows light to pass through it; and reflects only the essence of what is before it. Nothing more and nothing less. It does not reflect what is unimportant or extravagant.


Glass is unutterable and unshakeable; it remains straight and true no matter which direction it is facing.


Glass contains the unseen, yet it is ever present. No shadow changes its form, and no color its beauty.


Glass is most attractive in brilliant light; holding even the most intense and radiant glory.


Glass shows us the way beyond. It is not a wall but a witness... However, it can teach a hard lesson.


Glass beguiles those who are distracted, but aids seekers of peace with comfort. It is double-sided.


Glass is resistant, but it is smooth. It leaves no trace from the past yet shows no strength to the future.


Glass is forgotten in time. It is lost in the midst of happening, and is remembered only when there is need.


Glass is seamless. It has no place to hold onto, but still it is touchable and easy to approach.


Glass is transparent. It can be shaped to fit almost anywhere, yet it needs no change of appearance for its use.


Glass is a window to other things. It is second to itself, making more of what is outside of it.


Glass is even. It shows things as they are. Making neither lesser nor greater, but only the size that is true.


Glass is a true protector. It holds back what is harmful and keeps in what is valued. Still it never moves.


We Must Become Like Glass...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12




There's Not One Bar in Heaven -(as in metal bars)


There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One... There are gates, but they open. There are walls, but they are to reach high places, not to protect from evil. There is no property in Heaven. None... There is only ours, and not mine and yours. There are no signs that say 'Keep Out!' in Heaven, and there are no menus with prices beyond the few dollars in a poor man's pocket. None. Not one. There are no signs that say 'No loitering!' or 'Stop!' in Heaven because each man already knows his place, and in that is total freedom. There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One...


There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One... There's not one beggar in Heaven. Not One. There's not one open hungry mouth, or cast down head; only faces filled with laughter. There's not one lonely room in Heaven. Not One... Only grace and joy and God's Glory in every inch of all eight corners; without the dismal threats of darkness. There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One... There's not one unshod shoe in Heaven. Not One... No blistered feet, no calloused hands; not a single one.. Only glowing light and radiant visage. Only. There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One...


There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One... There's not one cruel word in Heaven. No hateful remarks that leave invisible scars or shut down souls. Only heart bursting music and showers with joy in every drop of rain. Only. There's not one bar in Heaven. Not One... There is no kill in Heaven. No drop of blood that spills. Not one. Only barrels and arms full of the finest, the top of, the honey of the land's best. And that is only where it all begins... and then goes on forever. Forever. Because there is no empty in Heaven. No empty. None. And there is no pain in Heaven. None. Only two pierced hands that shine out golden glory. Of those there are only two, and not one... 


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

A Message for All Ears

"Come round all and gather. Hear with your hearts. There is a season coming. One of prosperity where the end of nuisance ways will be relenting."


"The tidings are good for those who are endeavoring to give of themselves for Christ's higher purpose, but for those who are not, and have let their hearts slip into disparity, there is further callousing and uncertain remorse."


"Give an ear to the Lord when He calls your name, so that his interest will not wain, and you will be lifted up with others in His strength. This is the beginning of the true harvest."


"Some time from now the birth pains will begin more clearly in diverse places, but take heed that they do not overwhelm the faith in your hearts, or the purpose of your souls."


"True order will begin, but this is the season to push forward into the final resting places of unreached souls. Time is at hand. Open your hearts and hear..."

A More Certain Measure


We are all deciding, making decisions of feel and comparison throughout the day. In fact, a great deal of our direction involves how the world that we encounter mirrors against a set, but changing group of beliefs that have been formed up until that point in time. Of course, it is more complicated than that; we are much more involved and complicated than that; but belief encounters are one layer of our real.  However, some beliefs free us, while others limit us; depending on what is inside their sphere of influence. By sphere, or circle of influence I am referring to the dynamic mixture of thought and action inside and outside us in which a certain belief resides. Let me show you just how powerful a limiting belief can be...


'As a man's heart believes, so he becomes.'

So, to be clear, let's take a belief that is common, but also known to be unfair. Let's choose the belief that you are either born smart or not born smart. Let's begin to consider what makes a person intelligent. Alright, we're getting a host of common ideas about schools and studying, parents and IQ, ability and memory, as well as famous creative individuals of the past. Also, we think about what others have said or told us about ourselves; both positive and negative. From all of this and more, each of us has a set of experiences built up into an emotionally reactive landscape through which we walk every time we encounter anything related to intelligence. The problem is: are we living in the True lands, or are we looking at a limited view? Are these beliefs common and what are their sources; if we even know? What does 'science' say? What does the Bible teach? When we consider the answers, whom are we asking; to whom are we listening?


'Man's knowledge is like changing sands, but the wisdom of God does sift them.' 

In taking Biblical scriptures to answer the question of intelligence we would recall that we have a God that answers prayer, transforms, and blesses. King Solomon is perhaps the best example of personal blessing in the Bible because he was rewarded by God with astounding ability for his humility; wisdom that he was given, not born with. It is well recorded that King Solomon was indeed whom the Bible says that he was; the son of David, King of Israel.  This is a historical example of how belief affects life; and it is opposed to modern explanations of intelligence as a byproduct of genetics and environment mixed with effort and method; a view that stunts true productive growth and does not sit well with anyone who isn't positioned favorably to its criteria. So, we have in one case, encouragement and expectation through the open promises and limitless favor of God; and in the other, make-due standards of an ambiguous, non-defined reward system. The important question is: are we just conforming ourselves through biased beliefs, or are we truly growing in what really matters? This is how important limiting belief can be...


'Gather yourselves to a hilltop and you will lose the sight of seasons.'

So, in standing back from the pressure to decide, we let our thoughts escape, and our soul have a moment of peace. However, in sitting back down and looking into our hearts to reflect we must again realize that what is brought up into the place of decision is going to swing one way or the other in favor of God; and then back upon our own destiny. What we reach in to find needs not only to be strong, but proof positive for the cause of Christ within the world. Thus, the most certain measure, or tool to decide, is that which carves the shape of the Cross. The most certain measure is that which favors the most certain coming of His Kingdom...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12



The Universal Calling

Our human race began in a garden. Adam, our ancient father, and Eve, our ancient mother, tended the garden of God at the beginning of human world history.  Then temptation, a wild diseased root, entered into Eden, using a disguise, and destroyed three primary relationships. The first: that between God and man; the second: between humankind and harmony in the world; and the third: between man and woman. 


Christians today understand how to get closer to God; but we have terrible trouble with each other, and with understanding and maintaining living order. We are all called to serve God, the problem is hearing Him through the chatter. This is why He gives us principle; to break through to us, to imbue us, and to structure us within. We ourselves then become His voice, like the men and women of ages past, who became his instruments to deliver guidance and even-times reproof, specifically where and when it was needed. Altogether, we are His many voices as one that testify to His purpose.  So, here are a few more words to break through the haze, and to spread some little light... As Matthew 5:15-16 tells us, God is calling us all to be that light...


“Offer the gold of your soul to gain, and you will live in a sparkling house of phantoms.”

“Offer your arm to the future, and you will receive back an empty hand.”

"When life is heavier than a grain of sand, consider the wind upon it."

"When your watch hands are ticking at you, remember that they never reach where they are going."

"The wisdom of very many sages is crushed under the stone of purpose."

"Though false talk litters the ground like leaves, out of the quiet of love grows the justice of life."

"Though a man spend his last penny for bread, his last breath still be from God."

"Though we twist our thoughts like screws, the truth still floats away freely."

"Though sickness destroys in pieces, healing breaks through like a sunrise over dark waters."

“Sundry times afar off spoil only through credence and reflection.”


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

"Living Sideways or Vertical"

There is one question that I find ironic in my life. It is, "How can I live in peace when I'm pulled in two different directions?" One way by the demands and pressures of the world around me; and another by my conscience and sense of spiritual direction. It is true, God has a purpose for me, but so does the world. And, most of the time it seems both want their say. This is the question that haunts us, that consumes us into frustration, makes us trip over our shoes, and turn in our beds at night.  I mean, every day's leftovers have to be digested somewhere right? So, why not in our dreams, when we are not so busy? This is the dilemma of living sideways, with our eyes on the world; rather than vertical, with both eyes on God.  At some point or another we have to reckon with Him in everything; or rather, He reckons us right when and where He wants. He straightens our backs to vertical, each and every day of our lives.


So, what is living sideways? In seven different viewpoints it is: "A life like a game of sticks; struggling to get through a jungle when there's a sidewalk a few feet away; jumping from puddle to muddy puddle instead of stone to dry stone; driving to watch the sunrise in a thunderstorm while wearing half-shaded sunglasses; checking the clock seven times when you only need to watch and wait; not knowing whether to reach for the tv-controller, chips, or magazine and getting up and then sitting back down three times; or putting on thin socks, gloves, two layers of shirts, and no hat before going out after watching the weather report for the whole week." Yes, a person living sideways is like a person trying to walk with his head upside down; the only difference is that the dizzy is in our hearts and souls. The difference is key factors, or guiding cues of behavior; of which their are only two sources; the world and Our God. But plain and simple, we can't do it 'ourselves' without wearing down to a decaffeinated frazzle; even with a double-shot of espresso for back-up.


I think you get what I'm saying; no living medicine will do; not Super-brain Factor-Z, power pilates, or even the healing melodies of the Peruvian jungle flute. So then, what is living vertical? Vertical living is sensing and walking with God IN TIME; making Him part of your decisions so fully that it is natural. I've had a hard time with this; I really have, and the reason is that we all are getting mixed spiritual signals; the world of which is vastly more complicated than the physical. Believe it; we are all already in constant communication; within a fluxing dependence of living becoming through sense direction and force on the turning points of choice; but our spiritual GPS needs A LOT of debugging.  This breakthrough power begins with Christ and continues with Him and His transforming Word.  We already have the invitation, but we still need to close our hand over the Spirit's Hand... He is ready and with us. Yes. Jesus meant what he said in Matthew 28:20, " "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." He is STILL HERE, teaching and leading THE WAY...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

"Out of the Box"

Somehow we are less simple today. We expect to hear long explanations for small questions, and we pre-arm ourselves for contradiction, challenge, and the dissolution of our original interest. We EXPECT an answer that places our conversation in the polar regions of thought when all we really want to do is get in the front door and sit on the couch; to reflect a bit. What has happened to our clarity? Where has our constancy gone? Are we now untied; have we slipped; can we not carry forward in Truth? It was written in Genesis 11:7 that after the Tower Of Babel the Lord came down and confused the language of men into many tongues because of the error of their pride and the vanity of their ways. The people said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves;” (Genesis 11:4) Could it be that our self-seeking attitudes today have led to yet another punishment; one not declared yet in history, but working right now in this present day; but not in the difference of languages, but in our understanding, in the direction, in the strength of focus of our thoughts? Tell me, should it be normal to have difficulty and confusion in understanding each other? You may ask, "What kind of punishment could frustrate the works of men today? What would it do?” and I would say, “That the punishment would keep us running in circles, running on the outsides of clarity, of Truth, and into divergent paths of error. The punishment would frustrate us into spending billions of dollars and millions upon millions of minutes seeking, studying, and pursuing the wrong things.” Does this sound like anything in our society today? Hmmm.... Let's take a deeper look.


Part of our trouble today is that we don't know that there is a difference between knowledge and belief; both of which need to be accepted to become part of us.  Knowledge is how things work. A lot of science is knowledge. Belief is WHY things work! This is a big part of science, today, as well. Belief is also a huge part of what defines and shapes humanity; and it is central to religion. However, knowledge and belief have become so confused and intertwined that the language used to describe things, words like adapt and evolve, have crossed into our everyday lives. Are you starting to see what I'm saying about divergent paths? Unfortunately, it gets a bit more diabolical than this. We all know that the enemy tempts our thoughts, but have we considered that he also steers our endeavor? This means that we need to be all the more vigilant and rooted in God's Word to grow straight and keep straight. Fortunately, there are some fundamental guards against divisive knowledge. First, we should not give credence to all science. Yes, don't let a few big words and a bit of knowledge impress you into a flat stare with your mouth hanging open in adoration. Secondly, we have to realize that not only are our lives affected by sin through moral choice, but the thoughts of our hearts and souls are as well.  We are changed within by human knowledge, the sum of which has been fractured for thousands of years; and is even more so today. This doesn't mean that what we are learning is always false, but it does mean that even the best of human study is impure and 'off the mark'. We should all accept that only God's knowledge is perfect; and only He can deal us pure science. Unless it be from Him, our knowledge and understanding is either FRACTURED or FALSE.  Yes, every thought has an integrity; and bad knowledge, when internalized fractures us. FRACTURED KNOWLEDGE is a concept that we should keep in the back of our hats. Directly relating and thirdly, this means that we must be very careful of letting others, especially teachers, profess their opinions as fact.  Yes, fact is a small but powerful word. We need to be careful of statements like 'this is always true', and 'that is a Law of Science'. Even more importantly we need to be careful of accepting the maybe's of science; for they are even more dangerous. There are many names for maybe's in science; such as: 'hypothesis, postulate, and theory'. The idea of a theory itself means nothing else but, 'I seek proof because of doubt.' Is this the outlook that we want to adopt in the world? What changes occur when we begin to allow chance and maybe into our hearts? What happens to faith? To belief? There is an easy answer to this question: Take a look at the confused and uncertain face of your college freshmen when they step off the plane on their return from their first semester of school. Will they feel comfortable in a church service now? With God's Word?


As a student of psychology I have noticed that many things are measures against a standard; an average ability, expression, or behavior across a group that is studied. Whatever that backdrop is, and it seems to change 'quite a bit', gives the reference for measuring against. Usually, what is very different, according to these standards, and effects a human life in ways that make living difficult is deemed 'disorder'. However, the entire validity of these judgments rides on perceived worldview norms that change, and are supposed to apply to everyone. The ironic thing, besides the shifting foundation, is that the methods of thought, called intellectualism as a whole, are themselves dividing people from wholeness. Yes, intellectualism fits the definition of disorder! Oh no! You mean living by today's scientific standards gives you a problem? Uh-huh... And, I'll show you how. Let's start with a scripture verse from 1 Corinthians 1:27 "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;" In other words, knowledge has become the fool's gold of today. How? In the spiritual. Why? By esteeming it more worthy that God and the work of His Spirit unto the salvation of men. Translation, if our pursuits of learning and understanding are not genuinely charitable, they will not only amount to unprofitable gain, but divide us from spiritual wholeness. And this is exactly what we are seeing today in schools of higher learning!  Yes, learning the wrong things hurts and removes us from living fullness in the moments of God.  We must ask ourselves what is exchanged, what is the price, when our inner effort is continually doubt, skepticism, criticism, and professing! The answer is: feeling, perception of Providence, steadfastness of spirit in time, and many times Truth for false belief; which destroys moral choice against which it is measured; leading to inner turmoil and condemnation. Is not this what is happening to our children in secular schools? Take an honest look and answer an honest question: How many of us have felt deranged by our classroom learning and have felt our moral lives slide down into decay away at school? Yes, we have been blinded, or rather blindsided, by the 'spiritual disorder of intellectualism'. What?A thinking disorder? NO; a spiritual disorder of profound consequence; a behavioral slavery which changes the way we process and react to the world. Can you imagine an artist who is creating a sculpture out of a large block of stone and strikes his chisel with his hammer in the same spot over and over again without paying attention to the whole of his work? Now can you imagine that the same artist only walks around the stone block striking many holes without knowing why or where his aim is directed? It is the same with science without God; but we are not destroying a block of stone, we are striking our own spiritual bodies; our own foundations of belief. Our hearts and souls are being stranded and starved in consequence; which makes us unfeeling and blind.


Yes, it is critical to involve God in every endeavor; especially those of understanding. Otherwise, our spiritual vehicles will veer off of the road until they are overthrown. Ask another question, "If God doesn't lead our hearts and minds, who will?" Scary, but there is no void in the spiritual world. It is two-sided, with no in-between; no gap where we stand alone to consider. Reduced to metaphor, 'When the light is removed, the vines creep in and take hold. And again using plain words, our science is only as good as the spiritual purity of our scientists; and it is easy to see how much we have suffered from false ideals, from the spirit of false knowledge today. Yes, it is a real struggle, one of spiritual forces, that can be seen and felt in the confrontation of individuals of opposing belief. This is why it is so important to understand the basic roots of the disorder of intellectualism. Here are some basic indicators: a lot of future talk saturated by maybe and if; a lot of open ended questions without the feel of certainty but involving a pressure to agree, or at least not to oppose; and a basic and rigid nonacceptance of belief or knowledge without method; even belief accepted by millions over thousands of years. Sadly, a bad scientist would rather take two hundred years of maybe's than over three thousand surrounded by the proof of history with miracles. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But why then is this so common? Simply put, we are being confounded, divided, and enslaved into error by the conforming and challenging force of false knowledge because of our own pride. The new Tower of Babel is built not of stone, but of thought , and today, we are enrolling, or drafting, ourselves into a silent war of learning with God Himself. Something to consider; 'There is no good science without good scientists, and a good student is a Godly student.' And to remember, 'It is what we do for God with good knowledge that makes us wise.' So before you go and get excited about what your kids' college ranks in the country, you may also want to think about how high is the spiritual cost...


"But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." Psalm 1:2-3


This time, I'm just winging it... I've felt for quite a while that certain moments in my life were different, were special, but under the same circumstances. Why does this happen? I mean, we are all searching aren't we; running after the experiences that offer significance, that meet our needs, that satisfy? Personally, I was always looking for that feeling of expansiveness, the surreal that some, if not all of us feel but can't buy when we are out in the middle of a forest when the snow shines, or on the shore of a lake when the stones on the bottom are revealed in between waves. So, what I'm saying is, we are looking outside of ourselves for feelings that we experience within, at least in part. Why can't we have this all of the time? This is what I am sorting out right here and now... I'm going to get it straight... finally!


Not to divert from the message here; which is difficult enough to gather, but it seems to me that everyone is looking to make those heavenly experiences constant. It seems that we are made for Heaven, but are born on earth, without its fullness; or perhaps earth is just not Heaven's equal; not yet. Anyway we are all chasing; everyday, in every way, at every moment of our lives. Some of us get desperate and become trapped inside false heavens.  I call them euphorias. This is why many seek drug experiences; to force or try to manufacture the feelings, the greater realities that we so much long for; sometimes to our very own detriment. It is sad, but I think that we drug our own thoughts with other thoughts on a moment to moment basis within ourselves.  "Making Our Own Heaven" is our day to day job! Doesn't this sound like something you are searching for right now? You might say, "But aren't we are supposed to enjoy life and have fun, to stay positive?" And I would reply, "Yes, but in the right ways that are lasting, that fulfill us, and help each other." Easier said than done right? However, the plain fact is that we are tired; worn out on repetition, and have for the most part given up on finding the real heaven. We have chosen instead to escape to the places where we swallow our 'living medicine' that only winds us up for a moment; and when we swallow we say, "Thank you! Not bad!" with a half smile and dribble on our chin. Most of our diversions wear off in an hour, or just whenever... Speaking of my own: food, television, and especially music and exercise; or combinations thereof were the buoys that I jumped back and forth to and from throughout my younger years. They were the staples that distempered my soul when it was at the edge of excessive longing; and let me tell ya, okay I will, that was often. Do you find yourself in those moments; the times when we patch the tears in our snugly heart blanket with things that don't last? I used to... but I found a much better way to deal; NOT TO.  I'll get to that in just a bit.


Anyhow, we do the same things, and in many ways, trying to 'Walk the Tightropes of Reality', balancing our senses and feelings the best that We can to keep our shuttle-rockets from shaking on re-entry.  A lot of us like to live on the edge for that single purpose; to head off the longing that leads to daily dread. You know what I mean, come on... Tell me that you haven't spent too much time inside and looked out the window like the glass was made of iron jail-bars and summed up in your heart 'ONE MORE SECOND AND I"M GONNA FLIP'; and often after with a face-print left over smudging the view. I'm sure this has happened to a lot of us more than once.  But why dwell on languor and sadness right? Why get descriptive and relive it some more? Ha. Makes you feel a bit crazy doesn't it; like having to watch the gas gauge constantly when driving across country in order to fill up the tank every two miles? This is exactly the point! Those moments are the reasons why we search. We are unfulfilled seekers, the lot of us. So then, why not search for a solution to finally put despair under its own death? Doesn't it deserve it? Right, that's what I'm doing here... Yes, I KNOW it is!


But to get the job done I need to answer just one simple question?  'IF what we feel is always experienced within us, then why do we go places to find joy, happiness, and peace?' 'What do you mean? Do you really think that life is all patterned and arranged together like this?'  Yup. ''By who?' Take a guess. 'You mean we actually fit?'  Yes and No .  'How come I never thought of these things before?' Just didn't. 'Is this a joke?!'  No. I think this is JUST... SIMPLY... LIFE; and the simple is usually the right solution.  Isn't that what they say? The truth is simple, and the profound is quiet and small? I do believe this. However... What could ever fill us up, and completely, and all of the time, can travel along with us everywhere that we are, and contain every single thing that we need? Now that is BEYOND me; and a good thing that it is because putting it all together would be like building a house out of dominoes with your mouth in a wind storm; hard to do. I mean, I understand parts of me; some of the feeling, some of the thinking; but whatever else there is (and I've experienced a lot of things in the world that have really shaken and surprised me) I simply have not rounded or captured. At least not yet... It kind of sounds like we are all grown up children... Am I right? Well, anyway we are looking out for answers within... Let's get back to that. We are looking for... Heaven all of the time...


What I have found, or has found me, personally, is that I am fed both from within and without; that the whole sum of my experience depends not on my own effort, but on my response to the Will of God. He is both underneath, over, and inside of everything all at once and everywhere! He is the all in all supplier. Wait a second, isn't that what I just said we were all looking for, what we needed? In one big word, YUP. So it doesn't matter where I go, or how much I try, as long as I am somewhere around the moment center of God's Will; because He's all that? Yes. The struggle to obtain, to find that peace, excitement, and especially Truth all fades away to here and now when you are living with and for Christ. We are subsumed by the Truth; moved into it by our Journeymaster Within! Praise God! There is no this place or that place anymore because Jesus is both within and without. We truly are temples for the Most Holy. Yes, WE ARE HIS HOUSE and OUR new address is One First Street, Moment Zero, Godville; a village that wraps all of the way around the world... Yes, the search is OVER because Everyplace is His Place, which makes it very easy to know ours... and with His Hands reaching out from inside, He moves us beyond our walls. Isn't it said in Isaiah 66:1 "Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?" Yes, the God of this universe can have one hand on top of your life, and the other spinning the Pinwheel Galaxy into alignment! Pretty good huh? Yeah, enough said... He Truly IS... And He sent His Spirit everywhere throughout time itself to claim us! Only the Lord of Lords could do this. Only the King of Kings, can move us from 'someplace... to Hisplace'...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

I'm hearing voices! Oh no, that was me!

Weird topic for a blog post, but I thought as a student of both psychology and the Bible that I should clear away the cobwebs in my HEAD. We are all very familiar with the idea of TALKING TO YOURSELF, and spend some time each day thinking, and listening to ourselves; whether it be during times of planning, or just in the spare moments when we need to settle down and reflect.  However, it occurred to me, what am i REALLY doing? I mean, psychology doesn't really deal with the fundamentals of consciousness, but only provides brain explanations. However, the Bible goes IN DEEP, teaching us that not only do we meditate within, in our hearts and souls, but that God can speak to us, and that His Son, Jesus Christ actually dwells within us! This is a pretty big difference from man's scientific understanding. So, who is right? What is the truth of our inner voice; of hearing and consciousness? Let's take a deeper look...


As children we grow up with the stereotype and even criticism that talking to ourselves is weird and foolish. Play acting is seen as silly, and imaginary friends can even be a sign of DISORDER, and not as developing imagination or just plain fun. Our understanding is pretty basic at this point. We are so young that it feels more like we are on autopilot and it doesn't really matter to us whether we are right or wrong, only that we are seen and loved. However, at times we are stopped and feel a presence that seems to be teaching us, correcting and guiding us from a place unseen. It is then, in what seems to be deep inside our selves, in the place where we are WE, in the life of our thoughts and vision, that we somehow realize, life is bigger than me, and there is a purpose to what is happening out there.


Then suddenly, we are expected to be older, to grow up, to be students, and KNOW STUFF! But what happened in between childish fun and learning? Our inner voices are slowly silenced and we seem to be bombarded by others telling us how this is and what that means. We are thrown into confusion as we stare out at people who look and act like they know what's going on and tell us to be quiet and listen up. This is how schooling is today.  Somewhere along the way we learn about the human body and teachers and textbooks tell us with long explanations that: we have all of these organs and complicated systems inside of us that do things, important things, including all of our thinking. I remember listening to a few of these explanations and thinking, "What about ME? You mean, it's all automatic? I'm just a brain? That's really weird, but if you say so I'll learn and remember. But it doesn't really feel right? Does it?" This is the point in our lives when we let go and begin to disregard our inner voice and even view our feelings as just stuff that is normal and happens. But what has really happened to us?


Then we grow older again, and are expected to know... more stuff. However, it really feels like we are just a bunch of sacks full of odd items. We can barely explain what we have BEEN TAUGHT, much less use it effectively in life. We don't really mix well with ME; and barely at all with YOU! Man, there isn't even US anymore. WHAT HAS I BECOME! WHAT HAS I BECOME! This is the point in our lives when we begin to feel desperate inside, and long for meaning and truth. So we begin to search and remember what we have learned about religion, about church, about God and Christianity. We think, "There is something more RIGHT about religion. I believe God is real, and that ME is important to Him. But what is ME? And where in the world is HE?


Hopefully though, we have been rooted enough in God's Word to avoid most of these torments of personal struggle; we have families that have at least part of it right.  However, it seems that most Americans suffer these basic frustrations. Can we even imagine how far people from other countries with different traditions have to travel within themselves to reach God? To reach Christ? Let us all be thankful that HE FINDS US; and that He finds us in time to reclaim us within! Well, let's not get off topic now. To sum up again, we are what we are. We go to school and learn a bunch of weird stuff. Some of us go to college and learn a bunch more weird stuff. The WEIRD STUFF never seems to end! Then, whew, finally we are graduates! Of what though? We ask, "What am I now?" and say, "Man, I don't even know anymore!" So we start the search again...


BUT, we remember thinking; OUR thoughts, our inner voice that we have protected during those long lessons and lectures in school. And we try to get basic again, to get back to that. We figure, if I can be more ME, then I will know what to do! Right? We stop listening to what is OUTSIDE of us bit by bit, and start searching for life within; how and when we feel, what things do what to us. Suddenly we have become our own explorers! ME has become an Indiana (or Betty) Jones of reality! It seems fun, but goes on and on... and then on some more... But we think, 'Hey this seems to be making some sense to me! I remember how things are, and things are the same a lot. So... hey, 'I can get along pretty well like this.' Then we find out that doesn't really work either... AHHHH! How frustrating, even simple is complicated. Then we start seeking help from the only place left... We look up.


'OK now!'' we say. 'Where are you God? Where have the fun times gone that used to be? Where have I gone? Where is and what am I? What should I do now? Throw myself into things that feel good, do something to force change in my life, or sit back and wait for life to  make sense of itself? Something is gonna happen because I'm breathing darn it! Although, I feel that it will  take awhile... Hey, things happen in the movies right? They'll happen to me too. If I wait, I'll know more about me and what to do!' Of course this is the place in our lives where years and years pass by...


Then one day suddenly we hear a voice, or we feel something more real in what is usually not THAT REAL! We become explorers of the unseen! We think, 'This has got to be God or something! He's finally noticed me down here! YES! They say He loves everyone right? Now I'll find out what is my greater purpose! I'm going to start reading the Bible and going to Church and then it'll be a PIECE OF CAKE; ME-CAKE MAN! YES!' But we find out that following an invisible road is not that easy... and are barely aware that, THEIR IS MORE THAN GOD IN THE WORLD.  We barely even know what we are; except for our inner voice, and the feelings that we have learned about... Well then, we think, I better get smart about who I am, so's that I can know more which way to go... when to do stuff... I'll be really good at doing stuff then!


Years may pass; changes in life may happen.  We get older, and then finally at the end of some road, or right in the middle of a dusty one covered with bruises, we find Christ. We find out later that it was him finding us. For some of us it is on our knees; for others it is in the middle of a conversation with a stranger; and still for others, it is on a mountain top looking out over God's beautiful earth.  Wherever and whenever it is, ME inside feels different, and, there is another force, a spark now, something that is more powerful that is moving around! And IT is making things change, moving in the scenes of people, around the everyday things in my life.  THIS IS IT! I'm Ready to live God! Let's do it! I've been waiting for ya!  Then we find out, I'm not exactly what He wants yet... I gotta change? What-why! How! And another journey begins... We become God explorers.... We think, hey this is better! This makes more sense. It feels better! I feel better! Something about ME is fuller. We decide to ride in our lives. We wait and long for the really real! We now have a hope that there is ALOT more! There is AMAZING waiting! For me! Let's do it! Then we figure out, i gotta learn stuff ALL... OVER.... AGAIN! But hey, at least I got the right teacher now! AND A LIFE OF SPIRIT BEGINS...


Life becomes a COMMUNION; a communionication! And a whole new world fills in on top of the one that WE THOUGHT WE WERE LIVING IN... We realize that we have two kinds of ears, two kinds of eyes, and finally that the voice inside us, has to learn a whole new language... We also find out that that voice, that we thought was us, isn't even always ME! And those feelings that we felt, those weren't always ME either! I wasn't even ME MAN! This is the point where life divides into two halves like two pools of water; one dark and one clear; and we only want to be swimming in the clear part.  Slowly we find out, that it takes God's strength, and our obedience to do this! Christ then becomes our hope, and His Spirit within us more and more our guide.  We find out that the ME that I thought I was, was really just a sick poor child of what I really am, of what GOD HIMSELF IS REALLY GOING TO SHOW ME IS ME! And yes, there are some big halleluiah's and a lot of why and yes tears, and even some real good love. There's also a lot of healing, and still even more pain. BUT THEN LIFE BECOMES A LIVING GLORY AS WE FIND OUT.... GOD IS REALLY GOD, and men are just men, but being me CAN... BE... AWESOME!  AND WE WANT MORE...! We Want more ME...! And we realize that JESUS IS and can give ME...! HE CAN GIVE US something EVEN BETTER! HE CAN GIVE US WE !


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

You forgot again? What do you mean you forgot again?

We have a bad habit of thinking that we are in control of everything, and then blaming ourselves and others when things don't happen like THEY SHOULD. We do this especially when it comes to ability and performance. The generation of this attitude is complicated, but much of it comes from the American work drive and our own identity regarding personal development, the idea that we alone are responsible. By development I mean, our beliefs on what we are, how we grow, and what we need to do, ourselves and for our children to get to a place where we can measure up. But this me/you attitude is not a solution, it is part of the problem.... It is a behavior circle that leaves a lot of room for disappointment.


So, once again, we have to readjust our perspective to get a grip on what is really going on inside us. As stated, a good deal of this has to do with identity beliefs. Today's attitude towards gifts, abilities, and especially memory is centered around an effort based struggle to succeed. The problem with this attitude is that we think that everything that we do depends on effort, on TRYING, as if our whole life is a muscle and we need to work it out! This is understandable, but totally the wrong idea, and many times we find out the hard way that forcing ourselves can not only produce the opposite results, but hurt our spiritual health.


There is no better example of our misguided efforts than that of MEMORY... What is the modern scientific understanding of memory? It is simple, brain neurons fire and out pops our fifth grade teacher pointing to the blackboard. But we only wish it were that easy.  Our personal reality of memory is much different. The truth is: we forget a lot, we age and can't remember at all, and we wonder why when sometimes, especially when struggling to remember a past moment,  we simply can't reach it at all. Remembering becomes a terrible, anxiety filled event for many of us; especially students, who are demanded to DO IT! It's like being in a boat during a storm and not being able to find the oars to row!  So why, why, why does it have to be so difficult?  I will tell you... if I don't  forget...


The problem is that we have the wrong ideas of what we are, what memory is, and how it functions.  First of all, we believe that we have to repeat things to remember... This isn't true AT ALL. What is true is that we miss some things because of attention, and that for some, we will miss bits and pieces of memories as well, but I will tell you for certain that, our memories are PERMANENT and not related to the human brain at all. We truly do remember, but  in OUR HEARTS.  The only reason why we don't remember sometimes is that our memories are, for the most part, NOT IN OUR CONTROL. Yes, that's right! Have you ever had the experience of trying so hard to remember and not being able to until many hours later?  This is why. The same reason applies to being calm and remembering. At all times, forcing memory is a bad mistake, and unnecessary. Why not let go of the burden of remembering altogether? Instead, believe that you will remember and place it all in God's control! In time, you will be very pleased with the results, which are: greater peace, an easier life, and yes, a better memory! Win, win, win! Yes remembering is spiritual, not physical. The reason why the two seem to be so is partly because of our modern scientific bias, and partly because the physical is tied, as a work buddy, to the spiritual.


What does this all mean to us? It means that we can relax about forgetting. Leave it in God's hands because it already IS in His hands.  What does this mean for students? It means, STOP the forcing and repetition! Just focus on what is in front of you and let understanding come. That way, before a test you won't forget to tie your shoes and trip on the way to class...  What else does it mean to us that memory is spiritual? It means that we truly are created souls with eternal hearts! Yes! You knew that you weren't as boring as you thought huh? Good news, God news, you are definitely not! And, to make things better, the closer you get to God, and the more that you trust Him in Christ, the more that He will show you about your TRUE SELF! That's right! We are unfathomably more than we realize! And it is not only a personal victory, but an eternal one! Yes, you will never forget your life, the special moments, the people and faces that you love, your children, your grandparents that have passed!  Everything is still in your heart... so relax!


What we have to do, what we all desperately need  to do, is start realizing that we are created spirits with minds, hearts, and souls designed to serve God. When we get that perspective right, that  God is the center instead of us, we can finally get things right within.  Then, not only our memories, but our gifts and abilities will take on new life and meaning! All things... will finally work together...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Trapped In-decision


Where is the point where we seek to answer ourselves? How do we decide? Every day we seek to turn right or left, judging matters small and large by the qualities that they present. BUT... Are the answers that we seek always one thing or another; either or; this way or that? The Answer to this question, as evidenced by experience alone is absolutely NO. In fact, making a life decision, or deciding moral issues can be dangerous when we use YES/NO judgement. Why is this so? The reason is simple. Certain ways of thinking actually limit or narrow our available understanding so much that the correct answer, the Truth, cannot be contained within them. For example, do you ever feel that your decisions are incomplete; that they are leading you in the wrong direction? Here is why...


The first problem is a problem of perspective. Immediately we need to choose! What now! One or two! Yes or no! We are swallowed by NOW; by importance; by decision, and forget that we have a God who contains all truth and understanding and that is readily available; in HIS time; to help us. However, somehow matters have quickly shifted away from HIM, and we seem to be pressured, or locked if you will, into decisions on our own. We've all experienced situations that and people who want an answer right away. We are being forced into a corner; forced to forget God. We are squeezing away the very, the only source of real insight and direction. It is terrible, but in many ways we are being misguided or trapped INside Decision.


So what can we do to break free of the judgement patterns of thought that force us into error? The simple answer is to back away and seek God in the moments where we feel uncertain, tried, and pressured to decide. But this is a practiced habit. It actually requires the strength not to act; strength that we alone do not always possess. Ironically, the power needed, the strength of true inner freedom comes from slavery; the slavery of being united within God; who already controls it all. So when we let go of being controlled by other forces, we release ourselves into God's control where he is already waiting with love, guidance, and peace. The strength to begin this change comes from a letting go which is a receiving; a receiving of Christ presented to us through the Holy Spirit of God. It is Christ's Spirit working within us that moves us into realignment so that we do not fall into the traps of thought that hinder us. Along this inner journey we slowly become familiar with circumstances in life and areas of belief that have controlled us; many times realizing that they have had sweeping, powerful negative consequences.


You can ask, 'But what kind of belief can force us into division and struggle within?' A giant among these polarizing questions and beliefs of judgement is one that nearly every public school adolescent, college student, and television nature program viewer is familiar with. It is the belief question of 'Genetics or Environment?'. This question has developed among intellectuals who have chosen to answer the mysteries of human identity by themselves in the name of science. However, what they are really doing is being trapped in language and judgement-thought to reevaluate existence and creation itself. The question itself is bipolar and does not allow for an outside answer. The individual is trapped into deciding whether the 'DESIGN of the human body' or, ironically, 'Outside Forces' are the cause of physical being and human behavior. No room for God is built into this identity question of giant consequence to human spirituality and faith. Ask yourself, 'Have you been trapped into a corner of confusion by textbooks, teachers, and programs by this question?' Have your loved children and precious sons and daughters of God raised in your home been asked this question in biology classes or in a psychology lecture of a college hall? How can they answer it? They cannot...


Yes,the easy answer to the riddle of 'genetics or environment' is not to answer at all. We cannot answer within the framework of this question without trading Providence for science, Creation for evolution, and our own infinite worth as Living Images of God for the fabricated identity as physical bodies tied to predetermined, automatic basic animalistic desires. But how can one single question change our entire moral direction, identity, spiritual focus, and religion? The real answer is: the process of thought that it forces decision upon, the judgement of the soul within the heart, changes us within! Yes; thinking is spiritual! Wow, it isn't genetics at all; or the mysterious force called environment; oooh ! You mean, 'our hearts contain beliefs that partly determine our behavior?' Yes... We are being trapped Indecision...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

One Arm Down and One Arm Forward

What happens when we are saved by grace; when we accept and then profess Christ? We begin to live our lives for Him and are transformed into his image. We continue to learn, all of our days, and, hopefully, gain more ground than drop down. But, do we walk everyday with open hearts and share the gospel only? Surely this is most important, but what else can we do to further God's Kingdom? What more can we do for our Lord and King? What pleases Him? What we can know for sure is that we as a mostly divided culture are only scratching the surface of what we can do for God... How can we go further? What else does He really want?


I believe that the Old Testament as well as the Life of Christ can tell us very many things about how to live more for Him. One example, most greatly set by Jesus himself, is the example of sacrifice, of suffering. We know that suffering is worth something. We know that Christ's death was the greatest, most valuable act of suffering in the entire world's history. But, does this mean that we take it in our own lives for granted that we should not also suffer; at least for what God values that is beyond the cost of redemption? That is: What else can we do?


The principle of voluntary abstention NOT of our own will is useful to God. This doesn't mean that we pick the most difficult task, or that we find a way to hurt our lives or bodies. Instead, we let God lead us as we walk out each day, and take away from us only to give it back to us or to those He has a will to bless, but even more greatly. When we add it all up, everyone benefits and Christ is Glorified. But what will God ask us to do, to give up? Perhaps it will be something simple, or perhaps it will be something that we won't even know about for years, until He reveals the amount of good that our action, or inaction has produced. In either case, self denial, difficulty, and interposition; putting ourselves in another person's place for their benefit is valuable. It is worth something to God. However, it must be within His will for us to accomplish or it has little or no value. False abstentions can even be harmful.


Acts For His Glory:

We need to answer the simple question: 'What pleases God?' To do this we can look at His Word. The Old Testament shows us that our God is a God of Justice; not only of righting wrong, but of instruction, of speech and action, in loving propriety, and in even sharing; which can be extended not only to food and time in front of the television, but to everyday interrelating action. He enjoys Justice on a small scale perhaps even more than on a large one; for it is by the effort in detail that we grow in pure and honest service to each other.


What else pleases God?

He is a God of useful intelligence. Perhaps we forget that He has a mind, heart, and soul just as we do. He gave them to us not only to use to get by, and survive, but to glorify Him in the simple, the prolific, and the seemingly complex. He actually enjoys the proper use of our being. I believe that He watches us in celebration when we succeed in the thoroughness of our thoughts and in the completion of our realizations. 


Our God is also a God of courage.

We can't forget that before Christ suffered and died he lived a life full of spiritual battles. Christ was a warrior each day of His life; a perfectly victorious one.  He was attacked not only physically, but on every level of his being. Jesus had to deal with Satan himself; and after forty days of attrition. We as well can perform acts of courage; not of stupid daring, but of reaching, with Him, beyond our boundaries in faith, for personal growth and for the love of each other. God receives Glory through our courageous action.


God is the master of creation and all ability.

He enjoys when we succeed in understanding the world around us, but in relation to His true action as God over it. When we allow Him to reveal the beauty of the world, and look up to Him in awe as the Great Maker of it, He is overwhelmingly Glorified, His Son is Glorified, and His Spirit is exalted. This can be a daily practice for us. Also, we must know that our God exceeds and contains our own intelligence and gifts, but as maker and giver of all good  things He appreciates and enjoys the proper and fitting use of them. God will not only help and lead us in our given ability, but He will extend and reward us for seeking to do so. He is the Creator of all natural given talents...


God is Glorified in us being human.

Perhaps the greatest, most glorifying pleasure that God finds is in our walking as likenesses made in His image in purity, in simplicity, in nature, with Him. He delights in basic appreciation of our Existence as new sons and daughters of Adam. This, is what He made us for. This is his heart for the whole world of us... 


So then let us all ask ourselves, 'What more can we do?'


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Mission Statement

Journey of Silence Ministry is dedicated to prospering the Christian Walk of Faith and Glorifying God through uplifting, creative Spirit led writing that is Biblically founded. The breadth of writing covers topics of social consideration focused through a moral viewpoint as well as the areas of poetry, fiction, spiritual development, and human struggle.  It is the hope and aim of this ministry that this shared inspiration will lead men and women to find the light of Truth in God's Word, but also to seek transformation in Christ so that He can then inspire others by making their silent journeys spoken.


The motto of Journey of Silence: "A Leaf is Strong because it floats in God’s Water. It can go anywhere …” illustrates a relationship of vigilant but humble obedience totally reliant in God. The metaphor of a leaf in moving water was chosen to symbolize the flow of our lives within God's timed grace, His Spirit's knowledge, clear illumination, and guidance allied to the incorruptibility, strength, and holiness of Christ. Water itself is a powerful force; it shapes, surrounds, covers, refreshes, washes away, and gives life.  Similarly a life yielded to Christ who is the true living water flows ever greater. Within His flowing grace it can reach anywhere ...


May we all meet hands as we travel together to His Golden Shores...

Many Blessings... Journey of Silence Writing


Journey of Silence new motto: "A Leaf is Strong because it floats in God's Water. It can go anywhere..."

We are all souls in the mix of time. We are all adjuncts to the moment, to the impact of the wind, and the hand of the Lord. Like a leaf afloat in the river of God, we as well are travelers in this here created world.  But when we sit inside the pervasive spirit of our supernatural God, we become... a torrent in his flowing blood.                             (This is a statement of faith and a pledge to Christ.)


Journey of Silence new motto: "A Leaf is Strong because it floats in God's Water.  It can go anywhere..."

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The Dawn of Daring: Unmasking Gender Confusion

Part 1: “Who are we?”

There is one question that comes up when we encounter the subject of homosexuality; that is “Who are we?” Immediately, we balance this question against our own sense of identity and, for some of us who are perhaps overly imaginative, our desire as well. This answers part of the question of “Who are we?”. Still, those of us who are comforted by the sense that we are only interested in the opposite gender still wonder why others express a different behavior. This is where our understanding is cut short because we cannot fully answer the rest of the question of “Who are we?”; the part that relates to our spiritual identity. However with a foundation in God's Word we can find a resolution.


What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Simply put, that it is wrong, a backwards sin, and that man and woman were created for each other to have families. And it is that simple; if you start with God. So, this is our identity; that we are more than chemical impulses, that we are spirits with hearts and souls made to desire and seek family and God. This means that our basic spiritual being is only male or female... it is a core you that never changes . We are not and never have been maybe, either or people. Why then is there homosexuality in the world; and why do we see such drastic differences in individual behavior?


The Spectrum of Manners:

There is a dilemma that we face in comprehending. It is the difference between mannerisms and same gender attraction. The reason why it is so difficult to understand is that we are looking at one thing that is God's creative diversity, and another that is the product of being diverted from our basic spiritual nature. Yes, physical mannerisms of men and women can range a bit. In other words there is a real masculine and feminine behavioral spectrum that applies only to movement , emotion , and speech . Please don't confuse this with attraction or even with social and cultural practices; I am only describing why men can seem either a bit feminine or a bit more macho and why women can seem a bit more macho or a bit more feminine. The problem is that we are led to believe that this normal physical behavior range is an indicator of gender attraction, which it is not. That is the terribly sad thing. We are part of the confusion that is a spiritual deception; part of a false belief system that has wrecked havoc on our cultural integrity; part of a widespread unjust persecution that has forced us to conform to gender stereotypes and to hide what is only God's creative human beauty.


Gender Stereotypes and Childhood:

So there is nothing wrong with ranging feminine and masculine physical mannerisms, but still there is behavior that is exclusively male of female. Two examples are body dressing and motherly/fatherly interests. In other words men with an inordinate interest in motherhood and woman with an inordinate interest in fatherhood are not in the right speaking of behavioral propriety. Also, by body dressing I am referring to clothing and gender styles. Men with earrings and women who dress like men are examples. A good guideline to delineate what is appropriate derived from a Scriptural Reference is the word effeminate. You can use the opposite male version for woman as well. Just hold up the particular behavior to this standard and you will see whether or not there is spiritual gender confusion. So, gender confusion is a reflection of an individual being spiritually drawn towards homosexuality, but ranging physical mannerisms are not. In other words, the spiritual force at work is not biased, but does take advantage of our misunderstanding to attack those people who do have ranging mannerisms. Sadly, this makes the stereotype of 'acting like is doing' even worse; and the majority of us only categorize incorrectly what is most vividly or noticeably displayed. The unfair bias formed in us is also learned by our children, becoming part of their young identities.


It is terrible, but fathers and mothers are not teaching their kids what they need to know about being a boy or girl. Boys think macho and proud is a man, and young girls have their false ideals of what a woman is as well. This leads to mismatched badly formed identities during spiritual growth. Negative spiritual forces create these insecurities in our children and use them as a foothold for initiating cruelty and developing homosexual behavior. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with the tomboy or even the sissy, although these are derisive expressions; however our children's peers and parents seem to think there is a problem, often looking down and mocking what is not ' typical male or female behavior', forcing change through hardship. By the time they become young adults and realize that they have attractions and desires, their identities are so shaken and ill-formed that spiritual forces have a wider doorway to attack through. The false stereotypes are being internalized and social pressures are rising, leading to all kinds of spiritual problems down the road of life. This is why it is so important to teach our children the solid, positive, BIBLICAL truth of 'who we really are.'


The House of Grace :

Grace is a real force, as is prayer, and God's kindness as well as his protection extends around those families who have his forgiveness and favor. The Christian home is a House of Grace where negative spiritual forces are diverted and subdued . It is a place where blessings add on top of Truth to fertilize the spiritual growth of children, who otherwise become filled with the trappings of sin, listening and following the deceptions and compulsions of silent voices which draw them down to despair. The desires and attractions of our young adults are constantly being challenged and questioned by the spiritual force of false love which is satan; who is more cruel than clever. His seduction is multifaceted; focusing on their young identities with questions that contradict the true spiritual nature of boy or girl. Children are taunted by gender stereotypes that don't match, presented with homosexuality and pornography on the television and internet where they are seduced by open acts and nudity, and drawn into fornication with their own bodies and with others through the spiritual force of false desire; which they are too naïve to perceive is not initiated by their own physicality. Furthermore, their consciousness is inundated with identity threats like: 'Your not mature', 'You don't measure up or understand', 'You're not normal', 'You haven't been to first or second base yet', and 'Maybe then or are you gay?'. This Satanic pressure forces the majority of kids into premature sexual acts; all of which is moral deviance that destroys the human family foundation as well as millions of unborn lives. Once again the false identity system of human physical science is used as a basis for these spiritual attacks; citing the physical human body, not the spiritual as the root cause for any impulse, thought, or action. Once a young soul accepts this, that they are the sole causal agent, guilt and shame are then used to further terrify and corrupt their young identities; all the while there is an intelligent spiritual power manipulating them in secret. If you are thinking that this is a scary picture you are right; it is scary. It is also why the House of Grace needs to be double vigilant and strong in God's Word.



Part 2:

False Identity Attacks and Human Physical Science...

The broader the knowledge the greater the spiritual impact when accepted. This is what our parents do not realize when their children hop on the bus and go off to school. Our schoolroom teaching of the causes of human behavior largely ignores the spirit and soul because science has adopted a position of skepticism, accepting only some of what impacts them through the five senses ; bringing their spiritual discernment to naught and leaving their understanding and motivations vulnerable to the direction of spiritual forces. What has happened is nothing less than an intentional blinding for the soul purpose of deceiving billions. Human physical science, namely biology and psychology has been infected with replacement theology. Lost science has gutted our core nature by ignoring the spiritual. It has extracted our very hearts and souls. The effect of this on our children and young adults is a mixed atheism instead of True and Pure Christianity. Make no mistake, there is a spirit of false knowledge that is driving lies into millions of young hearts. Once we begin to attribute all thoughts and impulses to our brains instead of our minds, hearts, and souls the second line of defense in protecting us against spiritual attack, the Line of the Power of Truth, is broken and the pathway to changing our spiritual identity toward gender confusion is wide open. All that is left then is for us to choose sin and form destructive immoral behaviors.


The negative spiritual forces of despair, fear, guilt, and false pleasure work together to maintain deviant behavior circles that rest upon this false identity causing terrible inner anxiety and turmoil in growing adults; as well as, depending on the severity, prolonged spiritual starvation that divides us from God. It is crucial to note here that these spiritual forces target heterosexual behavior outside of marriage as well. This includes touching anything past the neckline in respectful dating. Thankfully when we accept Christ he pulls us back to himself again and again. He defends and purifies us from within; from the very place that false science says does not exist. He defends us from our own hearts, from his already completed victory over death; restoring us over and over despite our spiritual blindness. However, we must still choose the Truth and reclaim our real spiritual destiny...



The Real 'Turning'... (Gay)

The real 'turning gay' then is the end product of a spiritual falling... It is a product of persistent spiritual attack and behavioral choices; not a genetic disposition maturing or 'surfacing'. Of course we have heard the argument from some who practice homosexual behavior that, “I've been this way since I was young.”, and that may be so, but it still does not preclude a genetic cause because spiritual justice is generational. Yes, I am speaking of familial curses, of inherited spiritual socialization; the consequences of which can appear at any age; even childhood. You might say, “But how can God punish a child?” and I would say to you, “How can you question God? It is plain to see that children are blessed by the good action of their parents. Should not the opposite also be true?” The Bible does in fact say that this is so, and it is all the more reason for spiritual conversion to Christ. However we possess a great and powerful hope. God's Word which is Life can transform every part of us no matter how worn out and grey it has become.


It has been said that the onset of homosexuality behavior occurs most frequently to men in their early adult years; but I believe that this is only a reference to an open pronouncement by individuals who have already lost a turbulent spiritual battle, a battle that is orchestrated to attack the weak-points around the spiritual grace of each individual. However, the basic manipulations by spiritual forces are the same.



The Role of False Desire and Choosing

If we just understood that our desires are being toyed with, that we are being impressed and molded to patterns of sin. This is what most people do not get because the spiritual world is largely invisible. There would be a huge outcry from hell if we could suddenly see what is carefully hidden. But we are desensitized to it, programmed to disbelieve and doubt while we accrue the damaging consequences. However, with a higher, more biblical perspective the attacks can not only be understood, but we can begin to internalize enough truth to repel them. The path to any sexual sin always involves the negative spiritual force... of false desire.


This spiritual force takes advantage of our soul's need for love and acceptance, and waits for the right moments to compel and entice us; riding and hiding within the damage already done to our sense of identity by verbal, emotional, and unfortunately physical and sexual abuse. Even greater longing, shame, and false guilt are produced from the resulting deviant behavior. Then like the withdrawal from an addictive drug they are used to submerge the individual soul into an even deeper, more blinding circle of behavioral sin. The struggling person can then only respond in two ways: soul strive through the evil to reach God, who is always watching, or deny themselves and the conviction of God's Spirit and plunge deeper into condemnation; however it is always both because deep within, their basic spiritual nature is ever crying out.


Making changes can be very difficult because controlling spiritual forces are constantly compelling them to avoid and even detest the grace that can save them. Furthermore, truth is replaced and immoral behavior is secured by the spiritual forces of false love and false knowledge which readily supply hollow excuses and deliver false belief systems. The spiritual force of cruelty then uses overwhelmed gender confused individuals as surrogates to attack virtue; its partner, the spiritual force of vanity, providing them with alternate unfulfilling lifestyle destinies. Altogether a deviant sexual stronghold is built with preformed denial responses that annihilates spiritual growth and divides from sincere service to Christ. Crushingly, their hearts have been so overthrown that it is difficult and even dangerous to reach out to them. However, Christ is powerfully able... and there are many genuine accounts of spiritual gender salvation.


The saddest part of gender confusion is false confession and acceptance of homosexuality as true identity. This happens when spiritual forces achieve a victory in completely overthrowing the heart. The blasphemy is then rewarded with a revelation of false satisfaction which feels like true freedom, but is in reality the joy of negative spiritual forces exulting themselves over God's will. It is a sickening thing to watch a person rejoice in his or her own destruction; a thing which the silent servants of God turn their faces away from and cry over. Sadly, the negative spiritual forces then use these individuals against others to corrupt innocence, promote further confusion, and destroy the holy foundation of family. The forces of vanity, false fear, and false love place gender confused individuals into social positions to display them; where they blaspheme themselves, others, and especially God; openly mocking His Face.


Our country's grace is slipping away with the ending of the sanctity of marriage in law. The satanic perversion is taking new territory; resulting in moral and spiritual destruction that is blinding a whole generation to its own progressing self-idolatry; plunging them into far greater lust, disease, and death. However, this is just a polarizing of the world social stage for the dramatic return of Christ the King; who never stops harvesting and saving souls for the His Father's Kingdom. When he finally lifts his sickle it will be too late. Nonetheless, let us pray His return arrives swiftly.



Part 3:

Roles, People, and Gender Related Culture

The truth is that we do not need society to tell us how to be men, women, or even parents. We already have that spiritual nature. All that we need is to stay faithful to God to have a strong and pure life. However, nearly everywhere we turn spiritual forces are trying to pull our attention and change our understanding towards accepting and adopting deviant attitudes.


Vanity and money are the spiritual forces that create the standards by which people are trapped away from living according to God's purpose; and gender confused individuals are the most vulnerable, having badly injured sense's of identity. They readily adopt and many times lead the cultural trends of vanity; being placed and held up as show pieces for others to see. This is the reason for their inordinate social inclinations. One can also easily find gender confusion among particularly female populated job areas like clothing, fashion, and cuisine. There are certain artistic areas, where an individual would normally have to struggle through spiritual forces to grow their talents, that have become spiritually unhindered for the purposes of vanity. Among these areas in our culture there is none more intelligently and clearly divisive where this play for attention can be seen than in entertainment. This lines up perfectly with the motivations of negative spiritual forces to promote the destruction of morality. Literature, theater, internet, and television are riddled with sexual and homosexual propaganda; making them disproportionately viewable. Just flip through the channels and you will see talk shows with transgender guests, movies with homosexual themes like 'Brokeback Mountain', and crowded audiences on shows like 'Ellen' robotically laughing at whatever seems off-center. It is clear that the spiritual force of false love is trying to make the world believe that homosexuality is accepted and normal. This is the terrible deception. It is everything but...


Our New Agenda:

Time has proven that ambivalent disregard is not the way to go. Gender confusion has continued to spread through the clogged spiritual veins of america; weakening Uncle Sam to the point where he has traded his beard and tall hat for polished nails and a pierced navel. The false normal has gained too much strength in urban and rural america through media channels. Even lifelong servants of the christian faith have been corrupted and fallen under the satanic force of false love. We must realize that there is no law of God that says we have to respect or even be silent about homosexuality, and we can no longer fold under the spiritual pressure and threats of false fear and false authority. The time of 'Hear no evil, see no evil' is over. We must begin to understand that our country is being spiritually corrupted at a fundamental level; at a grand scale. The power to change lies within the spiritual bonding that takes place by Reading... God's... Word... Has the solution ever been any different?


Good is an infinitely greater power than darkness, but first we need to remove the scales from our eyes with the Breaking Power of the Light of Truth. Then through prayer and the more diligent reading of God's Word we can drive the spiritual forces from our homes, and then out of the social lime-light and back to where they belong... By accepting and following Christ we can renew, purify, and strengthen the Heart of America, which is and always will be... the sacred, the beautiful, the only... 'MAN and WIFE'.


“Ye shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy.” Leviticus 19:2


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12




The Medical 'Miracle'


 "'Simon says!' Oh I despise that game... Always trying to fool me into doing something at the wrong time. Who the heck is Simon anyway?" Whomever he is we're doing exactly what Simon says, whenever Simon wants, and without any questions for Simon. Doesn't it feel a lot like this when we 'check our souls' into the hospital: confusing, scary, and by someone else's understanding and rules? Why?


There's no question that there are sicknesses and diseases by the millions.  There's no question that trying to discover and treat True Illness is ordained by God.  Without His merciful compassion there would not be nurses, researchers, and yes, even doctors... There really are miraculous moments, but like every other institution in our fallen world there is disease.  Let's search a bit deeper into the nefarious world of "Medicine" to find IT'S illness...


So what is the ideal human relationship of the body? Without question, It is Adam and Eve before the fall; no sin and complete Union with God; perfect forever health.  Is this what we have today? No... We age, which is normal; but we also decay and die, which is not; all because of the fall.  However, we have the promise of Christ to receive a better body when He returns; one without infirmity.  So we have been granted eternal life and a promise, but the destruction and condemnation of our flesh has remained...


However, God has not left us mercilessly to suffer. There is supernatural healing. Christ healed every disease that he encountered.  The Bible teaches us that we can have this healing.  So then, why is it not common to see broken bones snap back together and car crash victims jump up from death? The reason has to be sin.  However, that does not mean that we alone are responsible.  No, there are deeper deceptions in the world.  There are lies and strongholds of power already formed in our society against not only our promised healing, but also against even understanding how to grasp it. The terrible thing is that some of these strongholds are people...


Most commonly lies involve parts of the truth.  We can smell a flat out falsehood unless we have been so weakened that we've become dense to it. Did you ever get that stupid feeling when listening to a liar? Same thing. But let's start here with a description of our attitudes and cultural practices surrounding sickness and hold them up to the light so we can see the costumes of darkness slip down and shrivel away.  Then we can begin to restore our understanding of true healing and it will move closer.  This is how it is today. Simply, we sin and slowly become sick.  We feel pain and fear.  We ask others around us for help and to take care of us. We buy drugs off of store shelves and at pharmacies.  When our pain, fear, and suffering move beyond us we go to see a 'doctor'.  That is really where we end and MEDICINE begins; at a medical office.  If we can't do it, we ask someone else to; but where is God in all of this? It seems that as we become sick He is stolen away from our hearts. This isn't far from true...


For comparison let's describe the perfect assistant to health.  In my opinion the perfect health assistant should be much more priest than scientist.  He or she should be soundly rooted in the study of Scripture and have practiced methods of faith healing in Christ. He should have both strength and vision to lend and make God the center of every single action and decision, together with the sick and their families.  Prayer and love MUST BE the unwrenchable focus.


But what are the health assistants like today? There are all kinds and extremes ranging from general health examiners to cosmetic surgeons. And get this, shockingly, there are even 'birth removal specialists'... Let's just say that healing is not a sacred profession for many. The price of life has been struck down. All three sides are to blame and only individuals with the Strength of God can rise above the malignant viral clouds.


Our Grace Amidst Death: Four Broken Walls

Okay. Now that we have drawn lines around sickness, attitudes, and what the ideal health assistant should be like; we can begin to pull out the weeds of spiritual corruption.  Firstly, are we practicing Christian healing? No, for the most part it is not our focus.  Secondly, what is preventing this on a spiritual level? Many things from one source, but there are four major spiritual walls.


The first wall to miraculous healing is false science.  The false identity that we are only bones and blood ruled by our brain has destroyed not only our attitudes to sickness, but our living spiritual destinies.  When sickness falls upon us we look to our understanding and then act.  But how can we reach out to God when we are caught in the traps of false knowledge? After all, a body only needs physical medicine right? When we truly realize that we are much more, we will seek more. The wall of false science rises even higher, and longer. As a result of the spiritual force of doubt, health assistants have accepted principles of statistics based on the philosophy of chance; which destroys faith and belief. They are using this life system to guide their decisions, proposing to us that “This is what is going to happen to us because it has also happened to others.” This trap of despair hides under the name: prognosis; and is complete and utter vanity. God decides the future, not men. The past we may consider, but the Will of God in faith and hope we must live by...


The second wall to miraculous healing is false fear.  Plainly, we lack the courage to choose Christ over pain. We even plan ahead against true healing by purchasing insurance and stocking up on medicine.  How can we expect miraculous healing when our identities and priorities are so out of whack? How can we satisfy God when we consistently use him for a back-up plan, as only a relief healer, as the last insurance? You might say, "But I'm so sick, or it's too late now to stop my pills, procedures, and visits." And I would say, "You have to start somewhere. Open your heart in faith and your feet will follow. Pray for strength to defeat fear with faith. Then move towards greater health in Christ. You can change step by step."   Yes, false fear is as powerful as death... It is reinforced by the negative spiritual force of false knowledge which has laid a foundation of false belief within us and has built up its structure in society around healing. This is the same force which promotes intellectualism over faith and creates division and tension in BOTH schools and hospitals; among doctors and students, and among doctors and patients; especially when criticism and belief rise up. It is sad that nuns and priests have to visit the sick at all, for the hallways of places of healing should be filled with joy and celebration instead of empty despair and the smell of death. However, Christ is never absent; the proof of this is the common story of miraculous healing in sick beds around the world; stories which are more often spoken of outside of the health system doors... Yes the intelligent negative spiritual forces of fear and false knowledge have infected medicine; building themselves a powerful stronghold inside our culture. They are the spiritual disease within...


The third wall to miraculous healing is false authority.  The truth is that we have invested our spiritual will to men instead of God.  Yes, those with the ability to receive the greatest rewards under heaven are being attacked on every side by the spiritual forces of darkness.  The temptation is great for health assistants to take... Take what you may ask? To take power, to take pride, to take vanity, and to take wealth.  To place themselves in the view of the sick and society as idols instead of humble christian servants. Just take a look on the televison. Christ is being pushed away and replaced by false medicine; the True Healer is being usurped by show doctors like Phil, Oz, and social agents of 'the new healthy' like Oprah.  How ironic that health is the promoter of spiritual death.  True knowledge is being mixed with false spiritual knowledge by spiritual powers advocating everything plus 'God on the side'.  But isn't this the same old lie recipe? Yes; a New Age Pharmacy of Faith is being held over us and on top of us by false comfort and fear.  We are trading the Wonderful Counselor, which is Christ Jesus, for patch-makers weakened by negative spiritual forces.  God Bless those of us with the strength to turn the channel and say, "I've had enough! I am now in God's hands alone! And if it is HIS will that I should be comforted I will bow to Him as you assist me.  But my answer to faith and Christ will remain YES; even when sickness, false authority, and fear wrack my heart and soul to sign my name!"


The fourth wall to miraculous healing is despair. Many people believe that all feelings originate within, but the truth is that negative spiritual forces want us to think we are autonomous, thereby dividing us even from our true selves. Negative forces want us to feel alone, to believe there is no hope.  There are temptations of thoughts and feelings, and despair is the most powerful spiritual force against belief in sickness.  Tell me, have you ever felt ill and 'thought all of a sudden', 'I can't shake this off?' or 'I don't know what else to do?' Do you remember fighting a feeling that would have pushed you down if you just let go a small bit? Yes, that is despair. It works with its partner fear to wrestle us down.  Despair  drags us to a place where we cannot see anymore; to a place where we give up our faith and belief. Sound familiar?  Yes, despair wants us to cry out and search for other ways to feel better, Simply, it wants us to forget God...


So what can we do? Their is only one answer: Build Our Faith! You might say, 'I don't know how to do that.', or 'I didn't know faith could be built.', or 'But I'm so sick and tired.' And I would say to you, "It is simple, just open your heart to Christ and read God's Word; and read it consistently. This is what builds faith. This is what builds strength." Sickness is a place where God and his servants are very close to us, a place where they will respond; and it is the perfect place for change to begin... Just open your Bible and watch the four walls to healing crumble down... But watch out for distraction; especially perceptual and emotional. Life is a spiritual battle; one that we can win!


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12


TV Ruined My Family

Do you ever feel like your television has a personality; that when you are in the room you are drawn to it, almost as if your feet are dragged to the couch and your hand to the remote control?  Why is it that the two little letters, TV, can consume so much of your time? Is this ironic; or is it intentional?


Let's start with a few facts and see if we can unravel the deeper mysteries of moving pictures... 99 percent of households possess at least one television, and three quarters of them watch television while eating dinner. The potential affect on us is not only profound, but nationwide. There is no denying that television is likely to be the one thing that has shaped us the most over the course of our lives, and now programming consumption is exploding with the internet and portable devices.


What do we know? We know that programming and film-making are designed to attract, to interest, to shock, to entice, and especially to hold you glued to the screen. But how much of these motivations are really truly understood, and what are the short and long term spiritual effects of watching television? We can feel the effects personally, but they are somehow elusive and shrouded. They are hidden...


One very common question, 'How many hours per day do you watch TV?' blankets our awareness of the truth of the matter surrounding television. In answering it, we have already accepted that: one, we should watch television; two, that we can view it without discriminating what is playing; and three, that the question how much is more important than in what way. The reality is, that if we lived life like we watched television; that is, without reacting to what is happening and by turning the channel when we dislike or are not interested enough; we would all be living apathetic and fragmented lives... Tell me THAT is not a scary picture... Yes, that is sarcasm. Television IS socializing us in a devastating way; in many ways that we cannot even see. We do not understand this because the changes are in our hearts and souls; and they are changes in the millions per minute... Truly, this is spiritual programming...


I am trying to send here an unscrambled message that television IS a negative spiritual force; one that is too complicated to sort out without a Biblical Foundation to steer by. Don't get me wrong, there is good television, but we are way too spiritually naive and immature to watch even two minutes worth of REGULAR programming without losing our spiritual justice; and regular programming is the majority of what is shown.


Don't be fooled, tv is a possession; one that we buy over and over again. We sell out our time to it, we invest our interest, and are pre-rewarded with excitement each time we sit to view what's playing. The thing is, the negative spiritual forces behind television: power, money, knowledge, false love, and false fear are playing us. They are a constant battle, and we are losing. They play us right into spiritual perplexity; emptying our hearts and dulling our souls. The problem is we think of our TV time as comfortable and enjoyable, when really we are being molded away from Truth and real love. Sadly, that big 'ole couch that seems strangely comfortable, has never been our friend...


What is the cost of having the needs of our hearts and souls filled by false pleasures? What is the cost to the lonely man; the grandmother without her children; the fatherless child? What is the cost to every despairing soul that is put on hold and ignored while the channels fly by? What is the cost to EVERYTHING ELSE of greater importance in life? What is the cost to love, charity, and the eternal kingdom of God that waits for us to stand up, to change our station?


What is the real show?

So what is really happening on the couch... Why do we get so annoyed at commercials, at someone interrupting our show? Why does it feel like we are making such pivotal choices in our lives when ITS ONLY TV? If boredom is enough reason to stop, why do we watch until we fall asleep? The truth is that television is a spiritually dulling addictive circular behavior. It is written, produced, delivered, and attended by negative spiritual forces. It is a microforce magnet. It is a portable micro-world in one single room; right in front of our faces, every day, at any time, and in just about every way... Yes, the spiritual force of television is powerful and dangerous...


Family Time

Have you ever wondered why only the first five minutes of a show are interesting? Well, the reason is that it takes about that long or less to pull us in, fade, and drain our decisive spiritual strength. Television is more powerful than any drug on the planet, and almost every one 'buys and uses TV...' Just compare the behavior patterns and you will see that this is true. You might say, 'But it's just a box. It's not real. It's only electricity and light...' And I would reply to you, 'But this is a spiritual world, and you are a spiritual creation that chooses, and what is beyond that screen is big trouble. It is an INTELLIGENT spiritual force.'


Even though our consciences are repeatedly seared we are shamefully pulled back to THAT CHANNEL. We circle around and around languor, excitement, boredom, and confusion. Do you see the pattern yet? Do you know what that does to your soul? I do... My family and I spent over twenty despairing years stuck in front of it. Our culture is so tied to television that most of us don't even eat dinner without it. We share television instead of time with each other! For the extremely rare family that resists this negative spiritual force well, I do apologize. But for most of us, we need to relearn that Christ-centered families are the cornerstone of our country; and that strong adults come from strong families. However, we are turning out TV-heads instead of heroes with strong character. I was one of them...


The price of having a TV House is nothing less than spiritual desolation; soul despair and heart languor. Our duties and family roles are being repackaged and reprogrammed by negative spiritual forces. We are being counted as forfeit and fed diluting replacements for the true water of life, which is CHRIST. Our lives have been crashed like a mother in law at a cable package party; our destinies have been relined, and our lives disordered. Family time has become feeding time; but not for us... We have been infiltrated and overthrown by hell through a box! We are being laughed at as our roots and lives in Christ perish. Come on; are we jokers or victors? Do we pull the plug, OR Do we pull the plug? Let's ask ourselves, what could we do with all of the reclaimed strength for Christ that is being lost by a generation of millions? Can we even imagine...?


“He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” Proverbs 25:28


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

False Hunger and the Eating Spiral...


False Hunger and the Eating Spiral...


There are two constantly warring forces of eating: good and bad. The Good force of eating is perfect and balanced. It leads us to excellent health; both physically and spiritually. However, we cannot discern or follow the good force of eating well enough to maintain excellent health. We are so out of sync, so divided, that when we are tempted we fall blindly; suffering repeated attacks on our identity as the consequence. This is where the spiritual force of false hunger drives us into repeatedly destructive compulsive behaviors that destroy the human body.


The spiritual force of vanity works together with the spiritual force of hunger in two ways: the first is by intimidating us with false standards of physical beauty, and the second is by rewarding us for keeping closely to those standards. Some more extreme examples are: anorexia, bulimia, obesity, and exercise addiction; including modeling and bodybuliding where drugs are used to both lose weight and build muscle. These compulsions are reinforced by the spiritual force of false fear as well as the negative force of vanity. The amount of pain that they produce is enormous.


Our souls become saddened and our hearts become weakened to the point of despair and sometimes death. Our spiritual identity becomes so emaciated by attack that strongholds of terror and false shame then push us into isolation, hiding, and reactive behavior which divides us even farther from much needed love. This is the same spiritual force that most of us struggle with in every day eating, but working more violently.


The Eating Spiral

For most of us, who don't maintain our weight very well, we struggle with what is called the 'eating spiral', where the false power of hunger draws us in two ways to eat improperly. One is through minimizing importance, and the other is through powerful compulsion, which involves fantasizing about taste and cooking. It rewards us with false pleasure for both eating and not eating correctly, for denying ourselves food when we should eat and for eating when we should not. These false rewards are always short-lived and produce pain in the form of real suffering from hunger and guilt, and real sadness from the distortion of our spiritual identities; which are attacked by the same negative spiritual force that started it all in the first place. Then, after we have recovered a bit, we are reminded of the false pleasures and tempted all over again. This is the eating spiral which causes nearly everyone to stumble through their entire life. We just can't seem to get beyond it, and just when we think we have, we are pulled back in almost without knowing. False hunger is an intelligent spiritual force...


False hunger tells us to eat when we should not. It says, “Just have a bit; just a taste. You can go on a diet tomorrow.” When we listen to the 'voice' of false hunger we eat the wrong foods, at the wrong times, and in the wrong amounts. We lose our balance and cry out for help. We seek that help by forcing, planning our eating, coaching, and exercise. Going to diet doctors and visiting spiritual gurus does not and cannot satisfy us. Our spiritual health still suffers because we are out of sync with the good force of eating; out of sync with God. This is why dieting is so difficult and also why 'health foods' just don't deliver what they promise. If we stay on a diet we are saddened into despairing acceptance; with only part of our needs being met. If we break our diet, the struggle against compulsive eating continues... Eating is a spiritual battle that we must win; one that we are entered into at birth. However the great news is that we can't win alone; we can only win with God, and that... is twice the victory!


To win we need forgiveness and restoration. The condemnation of the body through sin is the reason for death, our sinful eating behaviors being just a part. This is why we need Christ all the more, so that our sins may be forgiven, our health restored, and our paths straightened; including our eating lifestyle. There is only one diet able to do this, only one that is totally in sync; and that is the 'Divine Union' diet where God is our leader, healer, and provider; but we need to hear His voice to follow it. He can give us strength when we are by ourselves staring into that refrigerator or looking into the mirror with despair. Believe it or not God can easily break us away from the spiritual force of false hunger and all of the health related devastation that it produces. He can even steer us around the complicated cultural temptations that batter us. In the end, we will have longer and more fulfilling lives...

     “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Vanity Fair: A Dissolving World


     Vanity is a negative spiritual force that causes a dislodging of the heart. It produces an inordinate focus away from God's will by drawing people into identity centered personal and cultural value stratification. Instead of humility, love, and service there is disdain, jealousy, and competitiveness. Vanity causes us to strive against each other and to seek society's 'highest approval', a 'standard' which is itself determined by the spiritual force at play.


      Pretention is an attitude of response formed by vanity. It can be hidden in the form of quiet disgust or openly expressed as offenses taken. Pretention is the outward face of vanity. It is a method of spiritual repulsion whereby personal vanity is maintained, and insecurities are hidden; Pretention is a fortification against real spiritual growth and change; which cripples true love.


     The force of vanity gains a foothold by wounding or attacking our personal identity. It forms real insecurity and fear in our hearts that we try to compensate for in many ways. Negative spiritual forces then use this insecurity as a bridge to form behavioral walls and circles that prevent wholeness. Besides vanity, which is the worst of all; identity attack produces self pity, pride, aggression, and immoral overt behavior. All of these forces form spiritual strongholds in individuals that spread like viruses through society. They reinforce themselves and are perpetuated by false fear.


     People are both the targets and agents of the force of vanity; using both verbal and nonverbal communication to advance it. Real and especially 'imagined' taunting breed fear and insecurity by attacking identity; thereby changing and distorting our self image. Many of us have unpleasant memories as children where we have been put down, mocked, and bullied. False fear can be unnaturally overwhelming when we are young and vulnerable; when our senses of identity are not fully formed. The emotional pain and fear caused can last for many years afterward. Our children are being attacked in two primary ways today: through their physical appearance and their intellectual performance. Often, our school peers are to blame for the first, but it is also very common to have the stereotypical 'nasty teacher' that puts down, crushes, or conforms our intelligence. This is the reason that we place an even higher value on good teachers, as well as for the concern and sympathy that our parents show. These identity attacking forces begin their socially devisive agenda at an early age.


Cultural Expressions


     Media forces like television and magazines carry the spiritual force of vanity to a deeper level; showing its extremes in shows like 'American Idol' and magazines like 'Vogue'. They communicate linking behavioral trends that engage and draw out society's focus. By linking with the viewer's or reader's sense of identity through false standards of rich, popular, famous, stylish, and beautiful they conform us and supply a steady diet of vanity to millions; forming addictions to the many false pleasures that quickly drain our love depleted hearts.


     Our personal relationships as well as media are overloaded with the identity attacking forces of vanity in the form of criticism and gossip. Our over-involvement in each others' affairs provides an open door for hurtful rumors to spread; and we are quickly reminded of them by the negative spiritual force. Just a few words can debilitate a vulnerable heart for weeks. Most or all of us have felt this pain. For those of us who are not captured by vanity's false pleasure, we are attacked by it into despair and weakness. This is where its intelligence can be noticed. If we are not part of it, then we are treated as enemies against it...


     The divided self centered over-importance produced by vanity is easily seen in consumerism where it combines with the spiritual force of money, working together to consume our strength. Have you ever heard someone say, 'I'm tired of shopping.' or 'This mall tires me out.'? Yes, the social stratification produced through vanity is powered and determined by money. Together they tire the poor and consume the unfulfilled rich. It may surprise you to know that you can be full of joy even without money, but with wealth it is twice as difficult. This is the reason for Christ's words, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”


      The power of vanity is also easily seen in the amount of I-Centered language we use everyday. The questions, 'What are YOU doing?' and 'What are YOUR plans?' are all too common and often frustrating because we really don't have much control over what is happening. Therefore our confused and weary reply is often, 'Not much.' or 'I don't know.' We truly have been dislodged and weakened without even knowing.


      The negative spiritual force of vanity is so entrenched in our culture and people that it is nearly inescapable. Only truth and the real strength provided by God's Word in Christ can free us and restore our value and purpose. We can easily feel the shifting of powers on Sundays before and after we attend church services. There is a constant battle around and within us. Unfortunately, we require much more than one hour of spiritual food per week to break away; but God is faithful to our efforts, and he will supply the light and wisdom if we sincerely seek Him.


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12


The Problem with Having --Zoom for larger print

     There is a powerful negative spiritual force behind money. The words mine and yours have become bold and exclusive. Frequent expressions like“It's mine”, “I want”, “I'll take”, and “Give me” reflect our attachment; our desire to protect, keep, and buy. They push out good attitudes of charity and sharing, making words of kindness like please and thank you distasteful and flippant. For those of us who feel the strain within ourselves over having, the question “What do you want?” has become an annoyance that makes us seek escape and diversion. Ironically, the only solution provided by the spiritual force of money to ease our frustration is the expensive 'American Vacation' which has become the primary way for us to have a release from money's powerful behavioral circle. Sadly, it is a solution that reinforces its own agenda, keeping us in its pocket by making us chase after false adventure.

     No one can sensibly deny that money is a if not THE driving force behind our culture. In the form of what is called 'profit' is celebrated as one of the most popular and profitable genres in Hollywood with films like 'Wall Street', 'The Color of Money', and dozens of others grossing millions. Shockingly, a high percentage of, if not all of our children's video games are about some type of reward system where they are trained into the desires of having by BEATING A HIGH SCORE or GETTING POINTS.

     The first problem with money, with having, is protecting. We protect OUR possessions, which include people and lifestyles, because we fear. We fear not having enough; we fear losing 'what we have; we even fear 'NOW' without money and so money becomes our basic reality. This attitude comes to us through the force of chance and uncertainty which are fear attacking on a spiritual level. 'Maybe' and 'What if' play on our security of being, on our sense of future driving away faith and belief.

     The second problem with having is keeping, or coveting. This is a jealousy not over getting things, but for controlling the things we do have... Ironically, our things are either played up or played down in their reference by calling them stuff to avoid notice or possessions to claim them. The fact is that our possessions really are... possessions! Each of them adds an invisible weight that submerges our souls into silent confining anger. This can be clearly seen when someone rearranges our kitchen, or takes our tools, or better yet, touches or drives our car without asking, or without us knowing... Hmm... Doesn't this sound familiar. It is easy to see that there is a power, a spiritual force at work in us, between us, and especially between us and God.


     The third problem with having is spending. We spend not only to get things, but to receive an addictive and sometimes thrilling pleasure. We spend until we are glutted in soul with binding attachment. We collect until we are overwhelmed by the amount of items. This is why we feel better after throwing things away, after cleaning house. The fact that money is a negative spiritual force can be seen by our enormous financial debt, which is perpetuated through a cycle of fear that generates even greater effort towards accumulating wealth to relieve it. The truth that money is not a solution, is widely known; yet we still think of traps only as places where we are held without being able to move. On the contrary money is a trap that not only holds, but also drives, consumes, and blinds us to God's purpose. It is a monster with intelligent individually molded personality...

The Real Spiritual 'Deal':

     At its root, having is a problem at the center of our very soul; a problem with basic desire. Having draws the effort of our souls, and having too much drains us... to baseless complacency.

     Having is also a problem of the heart as well, where our normal desire for beauty has been derailed and inflamed by the culture of greed. We are inundated by deals, discounts, sales pitches, and advertising commercials at nearly every turn; we are driven into jealousy over things that don't even satisfy. As a result, we become blind to God as our Perfect Provider; we trade OUR RELATIONSHIP of giving and receiving which IS full justice and joy in life. We no longer trust God, and so he has allowed us to perish and decay in our selfish pursuits.


     The correct attitude towards wealth is stewardship IN God's will. To sell, to trade, to keep, to buy, and especially TO GIVE without attachment is necessary for serving Christ and his people. Like the early apostles who gave accordingly as each had need, we must be able to have without wanting, to use God's resources freely without coveting; and to avoid thinking of ourselves as not gaining. This is the attitude is real strength, and a powerful ally to God's plan of salvation into everlasting eternity. Today's money is but a false power in a selfish world.


     So don't let the power of money consume you; don't let it becomes a matter of pride and vanity within you, your family, and your children. Instead, remember the importance of God's Word to the rich man... “Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.” Ironically we lack the same thing, but require the same solution....


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Are You a God-Walker?

     Have you ever asked the question, "What was it really like for Adam and Eve before the fall? How did it feel to be in total perfect Union with God? Was it like a dream? Did they even make decisions, or were they just completely and blissfully in Love with God?"


     We all struggle with choices.  Our lives are complicated because we have trouble understanding where we are going. What are the most important factors to consider when making a right turn or a left; when taking a job or not; when moving to a new place or staying for our children?  Why isn't it more simple for us? Can't we just know what to do?


     We rely on faith and Providence to get us to the right places, to take care of us when problems and sadness enter OUR lives.  We believe in a word called grace that we really don't know much about.  For those of us who have developed a closer relationship with Christ by choosing to follow him, we try to model our ways after biblical principles: hoping, believing, and witnessing Christ's work in our lives and the lives around us. But why do we still feel like outsiders looking at our every day; why do we struggle deciding what to do; why is it that we feel that we have made the wrong decisions about the simplest things and that our lives have fallen into disordered pieces as a result; why do we feel mismatched with time, imperfectly acting in God's perfect but fallen world?


     I believe the reason is that we are still divided from Him.  Perhaps the division is not in our hearts anymore; certainly not with Christ sitting on its throne within us... but more in our souls where we are not yet in sync with God's Moving Hand and Order.  We are still children in the world, taking wobbly steps and chewing on the wood of the popsicle-stick after we have gulped it down.  We, even though being redeemed through Christ's Resurrection, have not yet learned to walk very well with His Father.  We are not yet God-Walkers...


     What is a God-Walker? How can this help me sort out the confusion and inconsistency in my life? How can I have a more peaceful and ordered day?  Well, my friends, lets ask another question.  Let's start not with ourselves, but with WHO GOD IS.  "What can we be with God as our compass and our power? When He is moving and working everything in our lives according to our every action and thought?" Can you feel the explosive power Christians? Can you imagine a world at Union with God himself in all of its deeds? Bammm! The staggering changes that could be! The dreams that would be a constant reality! Does it seem not a little like what Heaven would be like; what the storybook tales brought back to us from near death have told us, of a marvelous place of complete brotherhood and love?  This is what we need to do... This is what we should seek after making the decision to follow Christ... To walk with God the Father at every moment of time, within the world and in every step of our likened bodies... TO BE A LIVING PRAYER! TO BE A WORLD... of GOD-WALKERS!


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

The Power of 'False' Love


     Media today has become more and more open about sexuality. We are shown manufactured romance, idyllic lives, and personal acts between the two genders on the television and movie screens. The word love has become scarred and traded for shallow and meaningless pleasure. It has become a driving spiritual force where we are compelled to extremes like abortion, adultery, and homosexuality; which attacks even children and hides behind the excuse of false human physical science. The power of false love has destroyed the sanctity and purity of human souls worldwide.

      The spiritual power of false love operates through false pleasure, spiritual ignorance and confusion, and false fear; asking us the satanic question, "Why not?" until we are entrapped within physical relationships based on lust and driven into addictive self satisfaction. We are propelled by our longing for real love; pushed to act by the false fear of never finding that love and having a family; and scared from turning away from this force by the fear of the loss of our own ability to love. This seduction of the heart and soul not only leads to tormenting emotional struggle, disease, and sexual deviance; but to the personal perversions of masturbation and pornography which destroys our ability to love even ourselves purely; further dividing us from True Love. Altogether, the spiritual power of false love is destroying the cornerstone of family and our relationship with God by replacing and weakening true human and Divine love; which we need to serve each other in Christ. Its quickly fading surreal and personal pleasures are weakening our souls to despair, blinding us to suffering, and sending our cultures into moral decay.


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

The Terrible Five


False Fear:

     Do you remember watching scary movies as a kid? There were plenty of them, and still are.  I remember watching them and not liking the feeling, a shaking, nervous feeling inside which grew and faded at different parts in the movie; sometimes lasting well afterward and even into the night where it seemed to be related to nightmares.  I somehow knew that this feeling of fear was not good for me, that it sank deeply into me and was something that would make me weak and bother me; that it was the opposite of courage and faith.

     When I got older I realized that there was a good fear as well, the kind that I felt when a big freight truck was passing by me a bit too closely on the highway.  This was the fear that gave me an extra boost of, "Wake up and react!" It was very different than the other kind of fear that cripples and overwhelms us when we need to be strong. It was a good fear from God.



     Despair is very similar to fear.  It works the same as false fear, holding us down and away from the realizations and actions that we need to make and have better lives.  Despair prevents us from moving, from breaking through barriers of control, pain, and deception.  Despair tells us, "No! You are weak! You are not able! There is no hope!" and pulls us down to a place where we cannot see anymore; a place where we sink to an emotional low; a place where we begin to cry out and search for ways to feel better.

     Despair is not a safe place.  It is a prison of danger where temptations of false hope enter to steal us down to an even lower emotional level, into deeper despair.  Many times, we do not know what causes our despair; we become blind.  We see our environment and physical bodies as the causes when in fact, there is a spiritual force acting against us.



     Hatred makes a journey towards our souls when we are weak.  It provides a reason when we are scared and despairing.  Hatred says to us, "This is why!”, or “That is why! Attack it and it will help!". Hatred buries our hearts and souls behind its glu-like fire.  It hardens us and halts the growth of our identities. It replaces our actions with its own set of responses that we see in others as insecurities.  Hatred keeps us away from healthy interaction with others.  It divides us from God and from each other by forming many kinds of Egotisms, with itself as the base.  We can see this plainly when we are ignored, refused, or persuaded to the contrary for speaking out the truth to someone. Hatred leads us to compete when we should love, to be jealous when we should share, to turn away when we should breakthrough with valiance!



     It may seem the other way around, but cruelty is actually a step beyond hatred.  We see it as meanness, or even harsh joking and kidding words.  Cruelty uses name-calling and vengeful acts to destroy relationships. It requires the presence of hatred.  The illusion today is that cruelty has to be a large act like murder, or physical violence; but the majority of cruel actions are small and weaken us bit by bit. Cruelty can be direct and open, but prefers to hide behind the masks of bad humor, false love, and false righteousness. Cruelty leads to guilt, defensiveness, hiding, spiritual blindness, and lies.  It causes us to blame others; seeking our own world of satisfactions where we can avoid Truth.  Cruelty is a path to total isolation from God; even in the middle of the rest of society.



     Money IS false destiny.  It is a replacement that works with false fear to drive our souls to provide for ourselves, to look ahead and secure our own future.  Money uses the illusions of false safety and false pleasure to motivate us to its calling.  It builds false desires and tortures our souls with a false reality.  We can see its power clearly in the excitement of gambling. Money leads to greed, not charity.  It leads to generosity only towards its own set of world values/agendas; even making us work together in dividing ourselves from God and each other to achieve and claim them.  Money controls us into the quiet subduction of a false destiny, many times driving us to premature death.  Money cripples our purpose in God.


      Altogether: false fear, despair, hatred, cruelty, and money are the enormously powerful terrible five which have weakened and enslaved the world away from God's Great Kingdom.  They are one of the main purposes for the returning of Christ as the Conquering King, and all five are spiritual forces that work seamlessly together. They are clever, seductive, and overwhelming when allowed.  The terrible five have, with many other spiritual forces, dominated and trapped millions. They have caused the majority of Christians to struggle and fall to some degree under their blinding, twisting power. Even those of us who devotedly follow Christ are still dragging around the links of our five broken chains; holding an invisible lifelong battle each and every day. However, God is still Sovereign. He constantly protects us, looking joyously to the day when we will have complete freedom in Christ. Using the power of His Word; the Holy Bible; His church around the world; His servants seen and unseen; working together with the given promise and power of his Holy Spirit, God is reclaiming us for His Glory. He... has been fighting the Terrible Five as our Saving Hero for thousands of years...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

The Worthless Three


False Knowledge:


     False knowledge is the first of three spiritual forces because it is so seductive; the first of the Worthless Three. It's strength comes from a power that steals conscience itself; making things seem less serious, less important, and without consequence. This same power is involved in areas in our culture where make-believe seems to make acceptable like animation, horror, and science fiction movies as well as video games; and more drastically in the devaluation of human life in abortions. False knowledge is everywhere, and is centered especially around education, where information is molded to its lower purpose.


     False understanding seduces us with its own feeling of reward; where each bit of information accepted satisfies us like food.  It is different than the strength and confidence of real purposeful Knowledge. There are thousands of schools with both students and teachers who prize understanding in itself; disregarding evident confusion, gaps, and lack of coherence in the excuse of its pursuit. Almost every classroom subject contains false knowledge. 


     Our inundation begins in early childhood where our parents and teachers push and pressure us to understand; to"LEARN" without the appropriate explanations and Biblical roots; resulting in spiritual weakness. This allows false knowledge to turn us in a different direction. By the time we are mature adults we have forgotten that knowledge is supposed to be useful in God's plan for us and not valued in itself. This happens by opening our hearts to its blinding power; by forcing our hearts to recall and temporarily store information through repetition without wisdom. The fear-filled concept of memory is the behavioral block used to drive and enforce this change; and forgetting the unholy grail to avoid.


False Power:


     The second of the Worthless Three is false power. We feel it as a sense of boundary; walls that tell us how far is too far, that are attached to negative fears even when imagining an action that may cross over their INVISIBLE LINES. It is not to be confused with good fear and real power. Together, both sets of boundaries determine overall behavior in public places and in our family homes where even a stranger can feel and know by it what is and is not acceptable.  We each have a dynamic personal authority that creates boundaries and is made up of who we are inside in relation to both Good and bad spiritual powers and principalities. It defines the overall response behavior of others around us. We can feel the boundaries of the people that we contact every day, even when they are not aware of it. Some examples of individual type personal authority are: bosses, teachers, leaders, and parents. All together we define and shape the world by our connection to two opposing sides of authority.


      Personal false power is even more important to understand than cultural false power because it is people that compose it. Personal false powers try to stop us from growing. Sadly, it is often those that surround us that unknowingly define the limits of our lives. However, God's Word is stronger than every false power. This is why we need good families rooted in the Bible; families that can profoundly effect our growth in a good direction. Our children mold their lives according to our example, but in the wrong surroundings can be trapped underneath and behind false boundaries of thought and action for their entire lives without ever breaking free.

     Overall, false power is set up to control us away from our true destiny that God has planned for us and hold us in or push us towards another.  It creates the structure of places where we are conformed to act according to its rules; it holds us in weakness from understanding why. False power acts as a replacement for real power, and silently forces incorrect belief and action. Politics is full of both real and false powers; and it is not always the office, but the person who is important in determining which is which. The world of false power can only be truly understood on a spiritual level when we are aligned to the strength of Christ. Otherwise, we struggle blindly; warring against each other over personal motives.



Hollow (False) Belonging:


      We have two sets of parents, spiritual and physical. Both guard us against injury, teach us about life, and supply us with love so that we can feel acceptance and confidence spiritually and among others. However there is a false acceptance and belonging. It is the dangerous third of the Worthless Three; a spiritual force that imitates real belonging. False belonging can be seen in groups and organizations, small and large, which give us a false security and friendship. Many times they have their own set of core beliefs that are against or replace biblical principles. Even the wrong set of friends who share bad attitudes and the wrong beliefs can be saturated with the force behind hollow belonging. They are called by many names depending on what they involve. Some are known as clicks, gangs, and cults; others don't have titles or can be as unassuming as social groups or fraternities. Sports teams and religious groups that replace our true needs are the most dangerous of the groups of false belonging. They hold massive power over millions of people; consuming large amounts of their time, energy, and resources away from God's true purpose. A key test to see if there is a force of false belonging in a group is to check how personal and defensive a member gets when asked questions about membership and beliefs; especially those that may be contrary. False Belonging is a very dangerous spiritual force.



      All together False Knowledge, False Power, and Hollow Belonging are the vehicles by which the Terrible Five steer the structure of society away from God's plan. They are responsible for the separation of Church and State, the desensitization and decline of interpersonal relationships including marriage and abortion, and for the rebellion from the Truth of life which is redemption and transformation through Jesus Christ. We as people desperately need to return to our Christian roots in prayer and strengthen our families in God's Word. As long as there is a today, there is time enough to change...

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

The Identical Robber Giants



The False World and Personal Identity Systems of Modern Science


     False identity systems pull our beliefs away from spiritual truth. They cut in between us and real Truth, tempting us through mystery, dragging us in pursuit of the promised discovery and rewards of false knowledge; which is itself the only unsatisfying reward, a never ending fugue state that leads to despair, spiritual blindness, and the weakening of the heart. The deeper and longer we pursue these systems of identity, the more distant, rigid, and clever we become with our understanding. The resulting spiritual block called intellectualism becomes our desire and response to every situation, consuming our inner spiritual effort, and holds us away from God's plan to its own false purpose. This leads to the deadening of true spirituality, and consequently the weakening of Christianity. It can be clearly seen in the northeastern united states where colleges and universities are most numerous; where the spiritual force of false knowledge holds the greatest power. Our families are also weakened by this power, pushed to conform by saving more money and forcing our children to study harder in the hope that they will attend the most prestigious of schools. The spiritual effects of the false identity systems taught can be clearly seen in the changes to our maturing children students which we, ironically, praise instead of try to heal; many falling into despair and away from their Christian roots, and others returning after years, still in confusion. This is the real reason for home-schooling, a preferred choice for many Christian families who fear the spiritual dangers that may ensue.

     A false identity system acts on our inner beliefs to replace our true spiritual identity; which is that we are souls with spirits that house our minds and hearts. The truth is that we have not decided to discover a different truth about ourselves, but that we have been pushed into rejecting and doubting biblical truth by spiritual forces that advance alternatives by using spiritually uneducated individuals to infect the knowledge of science. The first of two Identical Robber Giants has destroyed the spiritual identity of millions using human physical science. The second Identical Robber Giant has destroyed the world identity of millions using geology, astronomy, and animal science.


The False Personal Identity System of Physical Human Science:

Primary replacement question: What are we?


      Human Physical Science describes the systems and inter-working of our physical bodies; from our skeletons to our organs; of which the brain is included. Sadly, the spiritual force of false knowledge, using intellectualism, has excluded our spiritual bodies from its descriptions, which includes our hearts and minds. Instead, we are reduced to cells and molecules; neurons and hormones; cutting off our spiritual identity and growth. This force has further confounded us by using false medicine to propose physical solutions and methods to grow spiritually beings; leading to a muscular and individually centered approach to life in which we must “Do it ourselves” and “Help ourselves”; or else turn to its own counsel before God for help. The result is that we ignore God and cut him away from the root of our souls. We INJURE HIM by not seeking his healing and love. This extremely powerful spiritual block, the first Identical Robber Giant, has its own set of solutions for the outcries that it produces; its own set of rules whereby it threatens and condemns us with fear of sickness and instability; making us desperate prisoners of the health system and doctors who have naively accepted the false knowledge that sits upon the spiritual throne of our souls. This cuts us off from true hope and healing.



      The spiritual force of false knowledge has built up its own field called psychology to explain our spiritual being through physical mechanisms. Psychology, 'the study of the mind'; has devastated our society into seeking false medicine for every living problem, many of which are spiritual problems that produce physical effects, instead of God who can heal them all. Psychology uses the human brain as a placeholder for every spiritual part at once: our thoughts, our emotions, our very souls; and provides its own set of well-meaning doctors to reinforce its false identity system; who diagnose, stigmatize, and assign thousands of individuals to institutions incorrectly; sending them tumbling into lifelong despair and spiritual confusion. This horrid identity system is vigilantly protected by spiritual forces through strong false fear and its rigidly rooted proponents who cleverly and quickly use intellectualism to denounce any spiritual threats. This may be the greatest weakening force to Christianity in our modern lives; as well as the greatest insult to Jesus Christ, our Lord, who is the True Healer, the Real Wonderful Counselor. However, our faith and belief have been so thoroughly weakened that we rarely witness His Power...


The False World Identity System of Evolution:

Primary replacement question: Where are we from?


     The truth is that the world can be understood through biblical truth. There was a creation, we are creations. In fact, creation is so marvelous and complex that the the knowledge, depth, power, and wisdom contained in it seems to have no end, to be infinite; infinite like our great God... The question of “Where are we from?” has been attacked using doubt, skepticism, and intellectualism by the spiritual forces of untruth and false knowledge; one of the Worthless Three. The whole collection of ideas has been advanced, integrated with the false spiritual identity rooted in human physical science, and named as evolution. It is proposed and taught exclusively as an unspoken alternative to biblical truth throughout the world.


     Evolution insults us, calling us developed beasts instead of likenesses of a Holy God. It reduces the greatest work of our powerful, intelligent God in Creation to a maybe process that falsely extends the power of developmental growth across living creatures as trans-formative instead of unique. Evolution is an insult to the infinite genius of God's creative being, a gift that he has also given to us with limits. The false world identity system of evolution, which has spread like cancer into many other fields of science besides anthropology, has slashed the biblical roots of millions, weakening their spiritual strength and pursuit of God's spiritual destiny. This second Identical Robber Giant has left us as uncertain mutant wanderers instead of sons of God in Jesus Christ that seek His will.


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

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Not Losing You... Old Gifts for a New Life

     We grow through childhood playing games, having fun, and trying to learn.  Our interests guide us into paths where we discover gifts and talents.  Sometimes people can help us to realize and develop those gifts. Some examples of different areas of gifts are art, building, music, cooking, writing, and making of useful things in different ways like wood and metal working. These are spiritual gifts for the world.  They are from God, and can be used for His glory.  They should be developed.
     After Pentecost, when the apostles received the gift that Jesus spoke of; a new set of gifts was given. These are the gifts of the Spirit, of God's Spirit.  They are intended to bring about the redemption of souls for Christ's Kingdom. These gifts should be developed.

    When we become Christians we already have world gifts.  We are born with some, and others are given as we grow.  They are not dependent on physical heredity; they are spiritual.  Some of us already realize what those gifts are, and some of us do not know or understand them completely.  I believe the majority of us do not understand; and for two reasons we let go and forget about our world gifts.  The first reason is that we try to let go of our past as we change and grow in Christ.  We believe that it is of little value and that we were completely corrupt before our rebirth. Sadly, the effect of this is that we forget about our world gifts, gifts that God can use in combination with our Gifts of the Spirit to build His Kingdom.  I believe that He wants us to use both.  The second reason why we let go and forget about our world gifts is that we enter a new world with a new focus when we develop as Christians.  We become narrower in the world and wider in the church, and it can be very difficult to keep an understanding and usefulness in a culture full of sin and temptations. So, we readily abandon any connections that we have IN FAVOR of our new and already developed community of believers, churches, and gifts of the Spirit.  Our old lives, that contained good pieces of God's work in our lives that He wished to use for our destiny, become forgotten.  We lose a richness that should be added to the universal church; not lost.

     How do we develop both sets of gifts? How do we use world gifts and gifts of the Spirit to create a more vibrant and effective community of believers reaching out to others? I believe that the answer lies in connection and prayer; in asking God to help us bridge our past with our new future; to help us use what he has already given and shown us for His glory.  So, don't let go of everything when you decide to follow Christ.  Let go of old ways, but not old talents.  Let go of bad beliefs, but not the wisdom and knowledge derived from them. Ask God to show you what is valuable and to use it.  Ask Him to continue to grow and develop your world gifts to enrich all of our lives and to expand His Kingdom!


You can keep us down, but you can't keep Christ out...

     There are many stories of those who have been to heaven and come back.  They describe a place and an experience that go beyond measure, overwhelmingly over and past our earthly experience.  Why is it so different here? What are the real reasons? We are the same people, just living in another place.  After all, this is also God's creation...

     We are all children born into a world that drains us of life; a world not only filled with sin, but subdued by powers that have already gained a foothold on many fronts and on a planetary scale.  Heaven, on the other hand, contains no evil, and no sin. It is filled with the close presence of God, The Power which blows apart the bonds of dividing reality.  Earth, sadly, is carefully watched by a taskmaster that has already set boundaries against grace to prevent the slipping of his power. It is prowled by a group of overlords that guard the invisible boundaries of life and quickly suppress any uprisings of righteousness.  

     Yet, we are not past hope and redemption.  Christ walked straight into our world and crushed the powers and principalities downHe Godded the lesser gods of this world for His Father, for all time, for us, for the eternal plan of grace and new destiny. Jesus won the victory within evil.  And now, evil must part and scatter at the echo of His step.  Still, we are a weak and struggling people, a people that are wasting away outside of God's plan.  For when we walk outside of Christ's Redemption, we are instantly subdued like a fire by great winds.  So, let us stride through the prison courts of this world and watch the bars burst apart at His presence within us.  Let us send a clear living message to the forces against change and salvation. "You can keep us down, but you can't keep Christ out!"

Authority and the Bible

Authority and the Bible: "Honor thy mother and father" Does this mean that we take a backseat in our choices until they are no longer with us? Is there an age of independence for decisions? Your opinions...?

My belief: 15-17 years old is old enough to make your own decisions; depending on spiritual maturity. Before then your parents have to be in God's Will (Otherwise it wouldn't make sense, God is always first. Of course at that age most of us are still figuring things out). So, the faster we learn to listen to God and walk out our choices the better. Also, family has no priority over anyone else; in terms of spiritual obedience and favoritism.  This does not preclude responsibility and love, and it is not to say that our families aren't important, but they are not more important to God than someone we do not know, or don't know as well.  We can't be biased... the golden rule applies to everyone...

(The only favoritism that we can show is for our husbands or wives... but  not in every situation: "A house divided against itself cannot stand...")


Bottom Line: If someone is preventing you from obeying God, whomever it is, you need to reorder things.


Here is a case scenario to make the point more clearly: You are the doctor and there are 4 patients in the emergency room. Whom do you treat? Your mom saying "Help, help me!" Your husband saying "Help, help me!"  A stranger saying "Help, help me!" Your friend saying "Help me, help me!"


 Now what if God says help the stranger...?    Mark 3:31-3:35 shows the equality of Christ.

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Judge not....

What did Christ really mean? "Judge not lest ye be judged." 

     Just be careful in drawing your sword... For, if we are wrong in our thoughts, words, or actions we have not only made a mistake, we may have sinned.  But that is all! This statement doesn't mean let everything blow by like a sneeze and say God Bless You. Christ used his words for spiritual warfare. He even called the Jews who sought his life 'sons of the devil' because they refused to listen to the Truth.


"Remove the speck from your own eye?"  We cannot see well when we ourselves are filled with sin.

     Christ knew the hearts of men, so did Solomon, and so do we to some degree. We are also given Truth. We have spiritual eyes, but we have to use them correctly. We need to be sure when we observe, compare, and speak. We have to have God's light and Word within us. We need to ask for His wisdom. So just be careful and step out as God enables you; to the degree that you can clearly see.

     You are not wrong in seeing and speaking the Truth. In fact God's Word is full of conviction.  We have his Spirit. Christ was crucified for his judgements, for his claims. Dozens of prophets of God were killed; not just because they spoke of the future, but because they spoke the Truth in conviction. 

     The statement "Judge not lest ye be judged" is actually used to hinder Truth and hold down testimony today.  It is also spoken of to give a false ideal of what a Christian should be; to advance a false love that would seem to help testimony, but only hinders Truth. We have to remove the scales from our eyes and realize, loving others like ourselves includes struggling through the pain and discomfort of speaking and realizing the Truth; even if we suffer for it.  What better a friend than a friend who hurts his own image to help you.


Today's Christianity is riddled with spiritual fear... Don't fall for it...

The enemy of our souls would like nothing better than for us to let each other sin and be afraid to speak or even think of sin; especially in others.  His tactics are to weaken, confuse, and hold back truth... with the end purpose of destroying the Body of Christ.

The Truth is: People don't like to have a finger pointed at them.  So, the next time you hear... "Better not judge...", or "Who do you think you are?", don't let it bother you. Instead, tell them, "You are right! God will judge me; He will judge the good sincerity of my heart and soul to help the people that He loves. And, very likely, He will reward me for it!" So, don't let false spiritual fear cripple your christian walk.  Christ will enable you to speak the truth with wisdom.  He will give you His words. Remember, He's bigger than a few mistakes; and we, as well as our families will be better off for it...

The Battle Continues...

"I thought it was hard enough for me just to find the Truth today... I accepted Christ; He's changing my life in new ways; I've become a different and better person.  Now I have to deal with this too?"

Spiritual pride, spiritual vanity, and spiritual fear...

The enemy doesn't stop at the door after you walk through it... We have to continue our fight.


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Prayer to be Set Free







The Power of Belief: 'So you thought Evolution was bad...?'

The Crisis of Spiritual Identity (Being View) is one of the Major Dividing Points of Humanity from God in the World Today


What ideas flow from the belief that we are spirits containing souls?

1) We live beyond the physical life of our bodies. Life is not a dead end; nor death only the grave.

2) We can grow forever. With eternity comes peace.

3) Gifts and abilities lose their limits. With an infinite Creator all things are possible.

4) Our purpose reaches beyond our personal selves. Eternal consequence, Truth, and salvation are important.

5) We can be healed and find strength in sickness. Nothing is permanent or hopeless with a supernatural God.

6) Prayer has power. Faith, hope, and belief have power. We are freed from the confinement of the flesh; doubt is destroyed, and life is restored. 

7) Bigotry of racial differences melts into acceptance and unity... No longer are our abilities and histories tied to our color and inheritance. Our hearts and souls we are of common.

-------And countless others!-------------- that free the human being into the true eternal...


What ideas flow from the belief that we are only flesh... that we are our brains?

1) We are vulnerable.. Diet... Health issues have more power.  We are open to fear, anxiety, and spiritual attack.

2) What we are depends on what our parents are... Many effects and consequences here. With the belief of genetic inheritance comes limitation and bias through a physical identity.

3) When our bodies die, we die... afterlife confusion... existence confusion... Despair over nothingness, focus on basic desires instead of glorification of God.

4) Religion is about how we feel physically and not beyond us!

5) Prayer is made weak because thoughts are only chemicals. Insensitivity of the spirit, and imperception of creation. 

6) Growth is only physical. Our entire effort becomes about building and weakening instead of receiving and listening.

7) The spiritual becomes passe' and unimportant. We become limited, we draw within. Balance of life tips towards what others regard as important. 

............and countless others......... [that are a major inhibiting factor in life...]


What side are you on? Both? We simply cannot be; for the truth frees while lies enslave. This is why the two identity systems of belief are mutually exclusive; that is they overlap and push each other out in conflict. What does the Bible say about your spiritual identity? Is the flesh just that? Do you really have a heart and soul? Find out for yourself or... Check the books "The More than Mental Diet" and "Clash of Faith" on Kindle and for more!


***Prayer for Victory: Please God send your angels to watch over my thoughts.

Send your light within me. Free me from false belief and renew my spiritual identity

in Christ. I was conflicted and now I want to be free.  Thank you Father.

In Jesus name.  Amen.***


In 1985 over 33 million people (out of 237 million) believed evolution was "definitely true". How many 'Christians' do not believe they are spiritual creations; that they even have a heart and soul?

There are major paradigm shifts that occur within human history with sweeping consequences. Ideas that hold sway over many that we need to move beyond. Throughout them all the Bible has proven to be true. Once again, there has developed a challenge through errant science that has overcome nearly all of western thinking. I believe, that just as evolution is being proven hollow, that the nature of our human identity, being the belief that we consist of only our physical bodies, will also prove to be false and we will revert back to a more biblical view which includes the acceptance of what is unseen; our spiritual body. Creation scientists and Christ's church must take up yet another battle. Only then will be begin to see what we have lost and that European culture has been decimated by; false knowledge and unbelief in the very root of viewing ourselves, leading to the corruption of our spiritual ties to God and the degradation of life.


Further Explanation:

In accepting the second premise and its consequences; that we are only flesh and bone, a whole package of identity beliefs is traded for Truth acting like a spiritual cut-off switch. The problem with thinking today is that it rejects the spiritual at its beginning; instead of including it. Thus, an incomplete system of understanding has been formed which has alienated whole nations of people from spiritual truth, and thereby from reaching Christ. The scientific understanding of consciousness today has formed around just the physically responsive part of the integrated human spiritual being, the human brain, instead of looking to the whole created man together. This has rendered millions with an incomplete, atheistic, and limited view of what it means to be human, the consequences of which are emotional, moral, and spiritual desensitization, degeneration, and division. All of the world that accepts the physical 'scientific' identity model of the human is seeking down dead end roads to find healing and understanding when they could be reaching towards complete spiritual health in Christ. Our lesson is: never trade God's Word, which can give profound understanding, for narrow-minded, corrupted science; ever...


Antagonistic and seemingly contradictory views of Psychiatry and Bodily injury:

Why do psych meds effect us? Answer: All medicine effects us. One, they effect the body, which is integrated with our spiritual heart, mind, and soul. What effects one effects the other. Two, there are a host of physical injuries to the human brain that do restrict and shut complete functioning of the whole human being. Three, there are a great many so-called 'disorders' that are actually spiritual in their generation that produce changes in the human body. Today's psychiatry treats by experimentation and by studying behavior and changes in the brain. In actuality, psychiatric medication often produces spiritual effects because every disease and health issue is spiritual; is intelligent. We live in a supernatural world of two opposing sides where every human being is in a constant tug-o-war of emotions, thought, and action. To limit our understanding to a purely physical causation is to send our society into the spiritual jeopardy of ignorance, division from God by falsehood, dependence on a health support system that is all together patchy, overcomplicated, stigmatizing, and randomly ineffective. True healing is direct, simple, and is a release from suffering.


Why does brain injury effect behavior? Answer: God created the spiritual human as a whole. To use a metaphor example: 'A car with wheels and gasoline, but no motor cannot run.' In other words the physical body is paired to the spiritual body. When one is hurt, the other is effected. What is seemingly the cause is only the agent being used. This is the reason why physical healing can restore spiritual functioning, but also why there are many unexplained spiritual injuries that cannot be changed through physical treatment; including psychiatric medication. For the individuals suffering from these 'disorders' , and there are a great many, without spiritual guidance and God's help, there must be a release. A release from the false stigmatization of 'modern scientific belief and treatment'. They are prisoners of false theory, belief, treatment, and many times institutions. Freedom involves a reorientation to a new whole truth that includes the spiritual and realigns them into God's arms for healing.  Our calling today is to renew our spiritual roots and get beyond limiting knowledge to break a whole generation of individuals free from the curse of false medicine.


(What is false medicine? Answer: False medicine is any theory, practice, counseling, or procedure that incorrectly  treats a struggling individual. The majority of physical treatments of the body are good, however at any one time there is only one will of God. False medicine can include mistakes in discerning what God's will is on the part of the individual or on the part of the health professional.  The problem is that spiritual strongholds have already been formed in people, healers, and in the vast network that is the health institution leading to a greater definition of what is false medicine.

In theory, much of false medicine is misunderstanding of what the whole human body is. In this area, psychology, biology, and psychiatry have made grievous mistakes that have led to false knowledge trickling down into schools; including medical, and even into the Body of Christ; his people. In practice; false medicine is bad practice which confounds the individual into despair and pain; whether spiritual or physical.  In psychiatry, which tries to cure the spiritual heart and mind through physical drugs; pain is added, true healing is pushed away, and individuals are trapped away from God and into strongholds of ignorance. In counseling; false medicine is incorrect diagnosis, explanation, and future recommendation or determinism of fate. In procedure; the meaning of false medicine is clear.


How to avoid false medicine? Draw near to God and seek his will and healing in everything first. For the health professional: Do the same and use medicine only for the physical body and only to comfort those suffering with more complicated spiritually based problems. Again, seek God's whole understanding for anything and everything; especially the spiritual. The entire foundation of medicine needs to be reordered and aligned and individuals need to become better Christians. There is a great opportunity today for health workers to become spiritual healers! Hopefully one day there will be a segregation of hospitals into those of true faith, and those of agnostic science just as there is a separation in our culture in schools of learning; meaning secular versus those teaching faith.)


Medicine is just one area profoundly effected by the untruth of today's false scientific human identity...


“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

"Looking Forward, Logic, and Reason" Are we really in God's Will?

Choosing versus Being Led

     When we let God lead us we are letting him choose for us. He has already seen, thought, and decided; and is better at it than we are. He is Greater.

     When WE choose, we determine the quality of two or more presentations (actions in a choice). In order to decide among them we USE various sources of intangible information. *One of these sources is 'LOOKING FORWARD'. In other words we get a vague sense of future occurrences based on a choice. (Is this mixed up?) Is this an ineffective and unsure way to live? 'LOGIC' is another source of information that we use to decide. Logic is a condensed sense of right based on world and personal occurrence. When you boil it down, logic is thought prophecy. (Is this contradictory?) Is this a faulty and narrow way to live? 'REASON' is a source of information similar to logic.  It is sometimes wider than logic, and uses pieces of a current circumstance to infer, or once again "PREDICT" what WILL happen by making a certain choice. Reasoning can use feeling-based outcome sense, world attitudes, and popular language connotations to MAKE sense. 'REASON' can also be called forced sense, incomplete-sense, world-sense, and even false-sense. True reason is from Godly wisdom, true prophecy, and love...

     Makes you think doesn't it..? Where is God in all of these methods? Oh He Is there... but how much, and where?  Is He inside our "looking forward, in logic, in reason"? When we look at the massive confusion and effects of sin in the world and our lives we must say that the answer is definitely not. I think that He would rather just speak to us and have us act in faith. What then is the effect on our lives when we do things differently? What have we lost?  Are we not less effective? Are we not trying to do things ourselves... at least in part? Please say YES.

     Conclusion: When we choose, we are NOT allowing God to lead us completely. We can only determine imperfectly, listen incorrectly, and miss the best plan that He has for our lives. Nonetheless, God works with our frailty, with our indecision, with our imperfection, and carves out a life for us anyway. But I know, I know that He wants us closer and more obedient.  Are you courageous enough to let go? Do you have the wild abandon to let God decide even when things "SEEM" dangerous, when you can't see a happy perfect end, or when you can't even see at all? Isn't this how you have innocently accepted Christ to begin with?

     Prayer Focus: Please Lord, release me from my old ways, from the unsure, proud, and vain attempts that I have used to judge and lead my own life. You lead me. Take me by the hand. Become part of the very center of my inner being and help me to follow your will at whatever expense.  For your Glory, for our future in Christ's Name amen.


"An Inclination to Heaven" A Declaration of Spiritual Justice for Today's Society ---free to share





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